Burnout Paradise officially flopped on Live

Msxbox-World writes: "Regardless of the sales and regardless of positive reviews, looking at the Live activity it appears that EA's racer has failed to make any sort of impact at all (failing to enter the top 10 most played games since it was launched)."

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BigKev453775d ago

This game is hot, I don't understand why.

decapitator3775d ago

So a game does not make the top 10 most played on live and that means the game has flopped ? OK

kevoncox3775d ago

This just proves that Live has a lot of great games. I don't think it's a flop, It's an online racer surrounded by online shooters.
COD4, Gow, Halo3 and a host of other games. Most of Sony's big game sthis year have been single player.

fenderputty3775d ago

cod4, RFOM, Motorstorm, UT3, R6V, Warhawk were all PSN enabled games.

Still ... I wouldn't say this game is a flop. It's sold well enough to make it a success. I, like you, just feel as though online racers will be overshadowed by online shooters.

Amsterdaam3775d ago

I love this game's online features, It's just hard to get 8 people to complete a challenge or a race. The fact that they left it as open as they did; while excellent to me, leaves it too open to play with random gamers. You are always going to have a prick that won't do the challenge or takes you out constantly.

That said, I don't want my games dumbed down for the general masses. I just wish they would stick to Halo.


if you like online shooters buy and xbot180 , but the ps3 is coming strong to with there shooters so all there going to get is gears 2 ,3 , 4 ,5 , 6 halo 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 halo shoots pig , halo shoots himself man there are so many halo games coming out , did you know that....enough , enough......
just look which game in japan sold more on the xbot than the ps3 ( call of duty )

Bleem3603775d ago

...I didn't buy Burnout to play on Live!

It's always been a fantastic single player title - mulitplayer over Live! always felt tacked on for me. Multiplayer with folks in the same room is another story though..

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Joey Gladstone3775d ago

because Burnout Paradise is one of the Best Multiplayer experiences Ive had so far, from the Ultra Smooth Online Transition System, to the "Taken Out" Snapshot with the EyeToy (or any USB camera), to the Graphics, this game is Truly an Overlooked Gem.....
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

Pain703774d ago

just give me a restart option, closed circuit option, and team racing. that would make this game killer. speaking of racers, look how bad PGR4 has been. did it ever show up? Since 2, things have really went south. sad for such a great game.

MK_Red3775d ago

So sad and stupid. Heck the sales of the game weren't that hot either. So when devs try to take a great series into a great new direction and try to innovate and creat a really awesome game, it flops while the yearly upgrades of EA like Madden and NFS sell millions and dominate on and offline charts.

Can't say this is great news but good find. This is just sad.

IzKyD13313775d ago

i guess most people would rather play offline then online, and also, just because it didnt make the top ten, doesnt mean its a failure, it just had a slow start