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Six things you didn't know about Nintendo's Wii U

By now you're well aware that Nintendo has launched its next-generation video game console: the Wii U (from $299.99). You'll likely know about its tablet-like GamePad controller, focus on "asymmetrical" multiplayer gaming and support for older Nintendo Wii titles. (Wii U)

wiiulee  +   1027d ago
you'd think nintendo would start putting together better commercials informing people of all this
jakmckratos  +   1026d ago
1. The Battery life of the controller can be as low as 2 hours
2. Zombi U is mediocre
3. RIght now you might be able to find 44 people playing Madden Online..
4. PIkmin 3 is the only fully announced game that people should care about
5. Demos have limits to how many times you can play them
6.It has lots of potential for 1st party games in the future...

That'd be my list
PopRocks359  +   1026d ago
Focus only on negatives. Typical.

Also numbers 2 and 4 are opinions, not facts.
B1663r  +   1026d ago
I can always tell when people haven't played ZombiU...

Basically, I thought he gave it high marks. No other game has the kind of clipping errors this game has that is getting ~any~ media attention.

I would say... Think Launch title with zombies in it. That is all this game is...

Wait until January and buy it used... For cheap.
admiralvic  +   1026d ago
1) Depends on what you do, though I would say 5 is a bit more accurate. However, I typically use my gamepad as a remote, which can last a week without a charge (for me).
2) and your point? I couldn't care less about Zombi U and thats not really a secret, since most reviews were pretty negative. (not saying it's accurate, just saying more said it was bad than good)
3) Who cares?
4) Bayonetta 2, Rayman Legends, Wonderful 101 and more beg to differ.
5) You can play Rayman Legends demo 30 times (thats loads, not play a stage 30 times), which is MORE THAN ENOUGH for most gamers.
6) How is that a secret?! Thats how E V E R Y S I N G L E Nintendo console has been...
mcstorm  +   1026d ago
I agree with most of your points. But I have ZombieU and im really enjoying it as it has the kind of horror feel the old Res games had.

Its not a typical Zombie game where you just run through shooting like Dead Island(Which I could not get into). It gets you thinking how to get through a stage in the game but if you die something else happens in that stage that did not or was not there before which keeps it a challenge.

Its not the best game ive ever played but I am enjoying it and its a nice change form all the other run and gun zombie games out there this gen.

I love how this guy talk about Madden. Get real. Who is buying the WiiU for a Madden game if they like Madden or even COD they will already own a 360 or PS3 and will buy the game for that. (Apart from me with COD. Im not a big COD fan but I wanted to see how a FPS game worked on the WiiU with the controller and I have to say even though there is only around 1600 people online it works very well and match making is fast.

I do agree about there not being many demos as in the UK we only have Rayman and Fifa but the console is not even a month old yet this will grow with time.

For me I have been very impressed with the WiiU. I got ZombieU, MarioU, Sonic Allstars, Nintendo Land and COD BO2 and I have to say I like all the games I have. They are all fun to play in different ways and fun as SP and MP games.

I was not a big fan of the Wii but I think the WiiU is what the wii should of been when it came out and I do think it is going to offer MS and Sony a challenge for the next gen consoles.

It wont be for everyone just like the PS3 or 360 is not but I do believe the wiiU has a longer life then the Wii did in terms of quality games.

People seem to be forgetting that not all consoles hit the ground running Look at the 3DS PSV and the PS3 it took them abit to get going and I think the WiiU will be fine come this time next year.
WiigotU  +   1026d ago
@ jackmckratos will your comments reach the masses who plan on buying the system. Hate breads negativity and you my good sir are as negative as they come.

Leave luck to heaven.
Deku-Johnny  +   1026d ago
1. The battery life can be as high as 5 hours.

2. It's mediocre in your opinion. In mine ZombiU is ONE of the best survival horror games of the past decade (I had to put 'one' in capitals as a lot of people seem to think I'm saying it's the best survival horror ever.)

3. That's because Madden sucks. No but in all seriousness the console has only been out a month in America, give it a chance to build a userbase, I'm sure there weren't millions of users online on 360/PS3 launch titles.

4. There's quite a few announced that should be cared about such as Lego City Undercover and Aliens (the definitive version). Oh yeah and Smash Bro's/Zelda have been announced, they should definitely be cared about.

5. If you haven't decided you want the game after 10/30 times of playing the exact same part of the game over and over then you don't want the game, move on.

6. True, hopefully sooner rather than later.
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wiiulee  +   1026d ago
the list of a clown troll....real opinions come from a person who actually owns a console...it doesnt take much to point out a hater...jak...wiiu is the only next generations system out so deal with it and it will be the only one when the other systems are release too because its focus on innovation and interaction and thats what gaming is all about
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Nicaragua  +   1026d ago
Heres one for my list

The Pro Controller is is not compatible with Nintendoland or Super Marii Wii U. If you want to play multiplayer on those games then you have to use an old Wii controller rather than the new Pro Controller... which is pretty stupid IMO.

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