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The last thing vacationing friends expect is to be captured and tortured, but this is precisely what happens in Ubisoft's Far Cry 3, a thrilling first-person shooter that takes places on a remote tropical island.

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Gridloc1863d ago

While I do agree its a good game it's far from perfect.

-MD-1863d ago

It has its share of problems but at least they finally made a good Far Cry game.

Gridloc1863d ago

But if you look back, Crytek made the first Far Cry so your right , it is the best one they made (Ubisoft I mean)...

LackTrue4K1863d ago

im loving the maps people make!!! wish there was more players online!!! keeping me waiting to long for a game to start, if there;s any issues with the has little bit of lag. hope it gets fix soon!

shammgod1863d ago

I've been thinking the same. I like this game...a lot! But perfect score, nah. Awesome game though

bigfish1863d ago

wake up and smell the coffee dude - no game is perfect

pandehz1863d ago

Love the game, very frantic combat

josephayal1863d ago

One of the best game ever, love this game, for me 7.1/10

neoMAXMLC1863d ago

Best game ever gets a 7/10 from you? Good lord, could not imagine what a 9/10 game would be to you.

1863d ago
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