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Submitted by SpaceSquirrel 1147d ago | news

First look at the ‘Dead or Alive 5’ $120 body pillow covers

The first images have been revealed today by Japanese online retailer, Hobby Stock, in regards to the upcoming body pillow covers that is based on “Dead or Alive 5”. (Dead or Alive 5, PS3, Xbox 360)

Snookies12  +   1147d ago
.......I'm sorry, how much?
LordMe  +   1147d ago
Far more then I have!

That is some insane pricing!
crxss  +   1147d ago
do they have a kimiko?

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egidem  +   1147d ago
This is insane!
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egidem  +   1147d ago
I don't know what's sadder...the ridiculous price or the fact that there are people out there gullible enough to pay for this.
GREW50ME  +   1147d ago
I wouldn't pay $1.20 for these. They just look ridiculous.
Bimkoblerutso  +   1147d ago
But just imagine how impressed the chicks will be when you bring them back to your room and they see all these. Just imagine the greatness it will bring you.
Knight_Crawler  +   1147d ago
They are not even naked -_-
azshorty2003  +   1147d ago
Nor do they have *ahem* 'access'
RXL  +   1147d ago
(?)_(?)" why what do you mean?
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1146d ago

It's best not to know...
Jinkies  +   1147d ago
"This is James Franco and our friend Kimikoton"

ApolloTheBoss  +   1147d ago
Cash Grab, much?
d3nworth1  +   1147d ago
As Ayane says in her win pose. "Hm don't make me laugh"
TheTimeDoctor  +   1147d ago
whoever buys this should be fed to tigers
RustedMan  +   1147d ago
makes sense to me.
Bonerboy  +   1147d ago
.....Single forever....
insomnium2  +   1147d ago
Why do they all have the same pose?
Hicken  +   1146d ago
It's a body pillow thing. There aren't too many variations on the poses, since there isn't exactly a lot of space on the cover.

Ridiculous price, though. And it's not even like the quality is that high. Could've gone with much better models.
Tonester925  +   1147d ago
They're going to go crazy for these in Japan. They have weird fetishes for Computer Graphics and Binary Codes
DivineAssault  +   1146d ago
lol ya right.. Good luck with that
GamerElite  +   1146d ago
Suck me sideways !. 120 dollars for a pillow

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