5 Games we could be playing on the Xbox 720 and PS4

What will you be playing on the PS4 and Xbox 720? Here's the top 5 games that could well be heading to next generation consoles.

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claud31588d ago

Well I saw metal gear and that's enough for me

rpd1231587d ago

While MGS is awesome, it'd be cooler to just have a new MGS instead of a port of Ground Zeroes (which I'm sure most of us will have already played). I'm really looking forward to Star Wars 1313, though. Looks awesome.

Godmars2901588d ago

And that we have HD remakes of last gen games running slower than the originals says it wont make a difference. If anything titles promised for current systems which are considered to be "Next Gen" would likely have issues.

modesign1588d ago

5 games that were already announced as current gen, article fail

Ezz20131588d ago

i was about to say that

Sp1d3ynut1588d ago

About 1/3 of 3rd party launch window games on the 360 were also on XBOX/PS2.

Hicken1587d ago

As you hear developers saying all the time, this gen has made making games more expensive.

How likely is it that they'll want to make dual-gen releases this time around, at least in the numbers that they did previously?

If they jump right in with no complaints, we'll know- as if we don't already- that all the talk about how much money it's costing them to make games is mostly BS.

1588d ago
Yangus1588d ago

Crap list.

Only Metal Gear its cool, but this game not next-gen.
First, i want perfect Gran Turismo 6 ps4.

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The story is too old to be commented.