When Only 42 People Are Playing Madden on the Wii U, It’s Not a Sports Console

Kotaku: "While the Wii was probably the worst console of all time for sports video game development, I don't see much in the Wii U's current offerings—all of three simulation sports—that makes its high-definition successor any more of a full partner in the same landscape."

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-Mika-2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Great read. I think Nintendo is in alot of trouble. Why should developers port their games to this system? All of the third parties titles that launched on WiiU flopped. The only title that hanging in there is ZombiU but that isn't even a smashing success.

Developers aren't going to want to waste millions porting their game and then optimizing it because of the WiiU slow cpu speed. Then on top of that, they have to add useless gimmicks to their games that not going to add much or if anything to the experience.

Nintendo better get it together because If they don't. Vita is going to be taking all their ports since it cheaper and easier to port games to that system. Just look at TecmoKoei.

PopRocks3592186d ago

Because Madden reflects the launch as a whole. /sarcasm

PopRocks3592186d ago

I love how a fanatic is accusing people who like this console of being fanatics. Oh the irony.

bothebo2186d ago

No I think poor launch sales and no games until February reflect the launch as a whole as well as delayed games and 3rd parties who are deciding to skip over it.

People keep claiming it's sold out but we all know it is not. Reggie also lied on national television about the product which tells you something else.

Keep trying! Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while!

PopRocks3592186d ago


Please keep the misinformation coming. The Wii U and first party games have sold moderately well. Some places sold the Wii U out but stocks were kept up.

Reggie is a PR person. The PR folks at Sony lied when they said the trailer for Eight Days was actual gameplay.

Just own up and admit that you desperately WANT the Wii U to fail, eh?

chadboban2186d ago


You getting a Wii U? Seriously YOU getting a Wii U? This is the funniest thing I've read all day.

The way you act towards Nintendo, you had me thinking you wouldn't touch a Nintendo console even if someone payed you to. Oh and 80% cheaper? The Wii has been out 6 years and it's not even near 80% cheaper as yet.

I don't play companies, I play games. But I guess fanboys will never change.

bothebo2186d ago

Yes I do want the Wii U to fail. Why? Because I'm sick of stupid Ninny fanboys who think being fed shit is acceptable. How can you even buy their consoles anymore after being sold out to the casuals? You Ninny fanboys try to deny this by saying it's not about hardware even though you buy SEQUELS on more modern consoles. You're all a joke. Nintendo sold all of you out and you know it, but are unwilling to accept it.

I love how you refer to the glory days of Nintendo and how the SNES and N64 were the greatest thing in the world. Reality check, it's 2012 almost 2013 and Nintendo has released a sub par console that will STRUGGLE to compete with the 720 and PS4, one of which will be reasonably priced, probably the 720. They have STRUGGLED to get 3rd party developers other than multiplats on theirs systems.

I love how you say Nintendo has good first party titles even though they've milked them about as badly as COD. I love how you say Nintendo has the best first party titles when metacritic scores suggest otherwise. Now all of their intellectual property is being developed by second party developers.

You all say Nintendo innovates. How? By supplying you with weak hardware that can barely compete? Yeah that's innovation right there. Well done. On top of that, why don't we just light a fire in front of us and praise Nintendo. Innovation, is using new and better hardware to push the limits of what we can do. Developers, consider the Wii U a burden. How are they supposed to integrate a gamepad into their game?

Do me a favor PopRocks, shut up and realize what Nintendo has become.

PopRocks3592186d ago



I really hope you get bent and take a trip outside, man. Sounds like you need it.

SilentNegotiator2186d ago

None of the other HD systems had even remotely this much trouble getting an online community in its first few months.

They're going to miss out on the big bucks like DLC.

People need to stop trivializing this issue.

PopRocks3592186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )


Wow, really? You mean to seriously tell me that the PS3 didn't have a hard time pushing its online infrastructure early on? Aside from Resistance, how many big games were online on the PS3? Or had DLC for that matter? And we all know how well PS Home worked out when it launched.

Honestly, if people here are going to label me a fanboy for defending Nintendo with this platform then you tell me how you're not to be labelled a fanboy for suggesting that Sony didn't start off sluggishly with the PS3.

SilentNegotiator2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

"Wow, really? You mean to seriously tell me that the PS3 didn't have a hard time pushing its online infrastructure early on? Aside from Resistance, how many big games were online on the PS3? Or had DLC for that matter? And we all know how well PS Home worked out when it launched"

1) It's not 2006 anymore. DLC is exponentially bigger today.

2) I recall a vibrant Resistance community as well as other games on ps3 at launch. It definitely had more than 42 people playing (and more than Wii U Blops 2 had....which is pathetic with how much more popular COD is).

3) PS Home has made millions in DLC. Who cares if software that was clearly only testing the waters had a rocky start?

darthv722185d ago

"None of the other HD systems had even remotely this much trouble getting an online community in its first few months."

" It's not 2006 anymore. DLC is exponentially bigger today."

Your 2nd part is right. It isnt 2006 anymore but that points to your first part. sony DID have trouble getting its online all squared away. MS essentially carried over the live community from xbox to the 360 while at the same time improving on that structure.

Sony knew they couldnt very well charge for their service because there wasnt any substance like live had. How do you get customers? You get them by trying to undercut the competition. While the idea of the online play was free, that was the only thing PSN really could counter live with.

It took them time to build the video relations with netflix and hulu. it took time to build the store to be more unified. it took time to build home into a social platform. All of which took longer than "first few months" as you proclaim.

Looking at PSN now vs then we can see Sony made many mistakes but also worked their ass off to rectify those mistakes and build PSN into what it is. nintendo gave online an afterthought on the wii. Very similar to sony and their view of it on the PS2. so naturally both companies had to start somewhere.

We poke fun at nintendo when we really dont know what kinds of strides they will make in the coming future or how long it will take. People who believed strongly in sony building a solid online system should give nintendo the same optimistic POV.

Even if some dont care for nintendo as a whole, they are wanting to follow in the footsteps of greatness which in and of itself is very respectable.

360ICE2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Kids, kids. Stop fighting.
Not a single one of the comments above actually dealt in facts or numbers. They were all like "Well, Wii U has totally flopped saleswise" (without refering to sales and sales expectations) and then someone would go "No, it hasn't. You just want it to fail" (again, without references)

You might as well not talk, because it's just word against word. You don't deal in facts, you deal in intuition.
How you feel the things are going means nothing.

Ok, I'll admit a few of the comments closer to the bottom weren't that bad.

JasonKCK2185d ago

maybe the people who own a wii u dont like madden. i know i dont.

SilentNegotiator2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

PS3 had a large online community with Resistance:FOM.

I guess they don't like any games that go online, then....

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BeAGamer2186d ago

mika, you should chill out a bit

EddieNX 2186d ago

Is it just me or did the wii definitely have it's sporting moments? Love it or hate it wii sports was absoloutly unbelievable the first time you played that and turned your living room into a temporary bowling alley , Golf course , Baseball pitch , tennis court etc. Wii sports Resort was awesome aswell. And yes I know it's casual , but it's still a sports game lol.

What About PES on the wiiu ? that was terrific.
Tiger woods on wiiu was amazing.
Mario strikers , etc etc etc.

The wii had its sports moments definitely.

animegamingnerd2186d ago

kotaku goood read? LAMO only trolls, fanboys, or complete idiots takes what kotaku say seriously

ConstipatedGorilla2186d ago

Mika is a known troll. He/she shows up on every Nintendo article just to bash it.

auragenz2186d ago

It's an unfair comparison. Everyone knows that no self-respecting Madden player would be caught playing on the Wii U.

It's like saying only 42 players are on Live playing Rainbow Dash's Magical Princess Quest right now, xbox must = Doom.

aquamala2186d ago

And Madden is a smashing success on the vita?

HammadTheBeast2186d ago

It's sold a good 200 k. Not too bad for a simple port on a handheld.

dark-hollow2186d ago

If you are a madden fan, why in the hell would you wait SIX years to buy a Wii u to play madden? Chances are 99% you already own a 360 or ps3 for it.

lilbroRx2186d ago

That argument doesn't even make sense.

This is madden "2013". How could someone wait six years to buy it when its only been out for a few months?

Even more sad is that you had all agrees for this statement.

TheoreticalParticle2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

I think you're missing his argument, lilbro. It's that if you're a Madden fan, you likely already have consoles you are currently playing Madden on.

Why, then, would you jump ship to a brand new control scheme when you already have the one you're comfortable with?

However, a counterpoint would be, "Doesn't this indicate that Nintendo's going to have an exceedingly difficult time capturing any of the sports audience?"

bigfish2186d ago

Where did the Vita come from?? lol

Tetsujin2186d ago

Figures coming from kotaku...

TheDivine2186d ago

So you think Nintendo should give up on the wii-u but Sony shouldnt drop the Vita? The wii-u is a month old and selling very well. The Vita is a year old and only at 3 million.

I would think the wii-u is in a perfect position to recieve 3rd party games as its comparable to other hd systems, easy to code for, Nin doesnt charge for patches, and its a new system so games sell very well considering the library is smaller. Also alot of dev's might decide to make wii-u/360/ps3 games instead of ps4/720 games because its cheaper and theres 200 million more sold when new consoles launch.

Wii-u is a guaranteed success as soon as Zelda, Metroid, exc hit. Couple that with the agressive 3rd party partnering Nin is doing and i think people will be shocked in a good way. All these recent gamers dont remember before the wii when Nin=core and was the king. Im patiantly waiting for them to return. Hell the 3ds is still new and ive already gooten star fox, zelda, paper mario, re, kid icarus, tales, mh, 2d mario, scribblenauts, prof layton, animal crossing, harvest moon, 3d mario, and mario kart. They brought that shit and wii-u will be no different.

metroidfusion22186d ago

Thank you someone knows what they are talking about and the 3ds is coming with a lot of rpgs and jrpgs and the wii u will get ports from the ps3 and 360 and ps4 and 720 and the wii u will have a lot of 3rd party titles and surprises and more new ips and of course there 1st party titles which ssell millions and I'm sure there will be 1st party surprises but dumbass people don't give nintendo a chance and just automatically assume things then when nintendo does everyrhing and more nintendo still doesn't get any credit and I will play my wii u today but the hate will keep coming and nintemdo will keep being successful

dragonyght2185d ago

lol why the vita is coming into a console discussion. It a handheld the factors that hindering its success do not apply to the Wiiu. and also vita is 9 month old

WiigotU2186d ago

Mika and hatsumi or whatever the name is are one in the same I swear there funny.

vallencer2186d ago

It wouldn't be a Nintendo article without the Nintendo bashing love birds in the comments section. Seriously Mika and hatsune-miku you guys should get a room with your sony products and just make sony babies. And also please stay away from Nintendo articles while you're at it that would be an added bonus.

SuperShyGuy2186d ago

"Great read"?

While this article is talking about sports games that were released on PS3 and 360 three months ago not having the same amount of people online as one less than a month old. You go off on an off topic rant.

Vita? Just mentioning that you of all people shouldn't want to judge any console since you a begging for people to give Vita a chance.

MegaLagann2186d ago

We get it, you hate anything Nintendo does because...Nintendo and Sony is the last bastion of true gaming. Do you really need to comment on every Nintendo article despite you obviously not liking Nintendo.

Nicolee2186d ago

Mika. you never sleep ? i wonder everytime i read nintendo articles and you always the first comment.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

This is not good. Hopefully wiiU will start making more progress.

not getting one (while I wait for ps4) but I wish ninty the best.

Doesn't make it any better than the primary controller is different from the other 2 or now maybe 3 consoles.

Devs will make 2 console version and a tacked on wiiU feature. not good to deviate to much imo. This is why most kinect and wii, move games were just shovel ware.

If you want the hardcore the pro controller should be the main thing.

But I must admit the tablet is interesting.

callahan092185d ago

Madden was not well regarded this year by fans of the sport, fans of the genre, or critics in the media. The Wii U version was a poor port of an already mediocre-at-best sports release. It also came out a couple of months late, with the season more than half over and most people interested in playing the game having already picked it up for one of the other consoles it came out on earlier in the year.

So you've got a mediocre port of a mediocre game released well after its peak of consumer interest, to a console that is just finding its feet as it just launched weeks ago.

If you think that's a recipe for success, you're crazy. That it became somewhat of a failure is in no way an indication to publishers that the console itself is a lost cause.

People need to keep in mind that this is a new system launch! That has an effect on these kinds of things. The library will grow, the user base will expand, and sales will increase as time goes on.

Some perspective is in order here.

GanjaMan2185d ago Show
elpresador2185d ago

If anything, this shows how smart most Wii U owners are. They know Madden is the same damn game every year and know that it will NEVER change as it has not in like a decade so if hardly anyone buys it, EA wont make any more on the system and I doubt that most Wii U owners would shed a tear loosing madden.

Well played Wii U, well played :-

UnwanteDreamz2185d ago

Look up the definition of "same".

It doesn't change much but it changes. I'm not a fan of Madden or exaggeration.

AJBACK2FRAG2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

You're mistaken. Nintendo in alot of trouble? That's not the smartest thing I've read recently. They just finished the seventh generation in first place! With two GCN's duct taped together! Nintendo is starting the eighth generation of video games while Microsoft and Sony still battle it out for last place stuck in the last generation! Plus what's going to be the better game? Madden this quickie port or the Madden that comes out next year built from the ground up custom made for the WiiU! Hmmm? Don't you think gamers understand this?
Vita? I just can't take you seriously. Here's something dead serious, what do you think is going to happen when Nintendo starts releasing the triple AAA's
that no self respecting gamer can do without? In hd. Brand new online plan. New and incredible ways to play. I'll give you a hint, "The good guys win again!" Nobody in this industry can touch Nintendo when it comes to software design, imagination and just plain 'ole fun. Microsoft and Sony better luck next time and always remember, "There's nothing wrong with silver!" Lol!

UnwanteDreamz2185d ago

Ahhhh BS.

Nintendo has casual moms and grandmas to thank for first place. You think they care to buy another dust magnet? GTFO

I loved Nintendo when I was 10yo. Be truthful if you don't have a gaming PC, Xbox, or PS3 to go with that Wii you are the one missing out.

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soundslike2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

"something isn't therefore that something should never be"

Pretty much the definition of being close-minded.

I don't care about the Wii-U and especially not sports games, but the lack of logic here is astounding.

SpiralTear2186d ago

"While the Wii was probably the worst console of all time for sports video game development..."

You have got to be kidding me.

chillhomie2186d ago

Sometimes I think gaming "journalism" can't get any worse, but there are always surprises lol. The lack of professionalism is astounding but I guess you don't need that in gaming journalism. Idk I know I'm done with these kinda sites tho, they're getting ridiculous. Ill stick to miiverse where its positive, fun, creative and most importantly, is all about the games and not politics and other nonsense.

WildArmed2186d ago

Lol... Kotaku has been on a WiiU hating spree.

They need to realize the console just released, not every game is going to have 1 mil players.. the user base isn't that big yet.

EddieNX 2186d ago

Not only that , but madden sucks lol! So does fifa 13 (kinda) on wiiu. Nobody wants those rushed launch ports. We will wait for proper games.

cleft52186d ago

Yeah they are doing it to just get clicks on their shit site.

DaPrintz2185d ago

Hah, are you saying there's a game in WiiU that has 1 million players?

chillhomie2186d ago

Keep in mind many long-time Madden fans were disappointed with the changes to the franchise mode (such as myself) and the overall direction of the series. Add that to the fact Madden 13 was already half baked on 360/PS3 and was simply a lazy port of Madden 12 for Wii U (lacking physics engine) then you have a recipe for failure, good job EA!

N4g_null2185d ago

Yeah as soon as they give us a real madden I think I'll buy it. Otherwise I'll get it from 2k.

Ben_Grimm2186d ago

Also keep in mind that this console was JUST released!

chillhomie2186d ago

Exactly, it will get there in time but its gonna have to take devs actually putting forth effort and not phoning it in.

GraveLord2186d ago

Yes, and only Nintendo games are selling. This is the point. No one expects hundreds of thousands of people playing a game online, but only 42? That's a flop.