Five (5) Games Still M.I.A. This Generation

Atomiqon writes, "There are always games that we wait for, sometimes for years, in eager anticipation before they are finally released to the masses. Occasionally, after delays and long periods of media black-outs, some games get lost in the shuffle never to resurface. Below is a collection of games that seemed to have promise and appeal but were ultimately cancelled or have not been heard from in a long time."

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Ezz20131986d ago

the last guardian
i really need any info about this game
all i need is team ico telling us if this game will come out this gen or the next one

Irishguy951986d ago

FF versus was literally the deciding point in me getting a Ps3 back in 07. I expected it year after year at game shows and stuff.

Bah S-E....Bah!

That's all I have to say to them.

Please info in January + finish and release before Xiii-3

SilverBullet1291986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

That and Final Fantasy 10 for Vita and PS3 and please cross buy and play! I love that game and can't play it anymore since my fatty died:( have been dying to play it again on the go mostly.

Edit: Oh and Kingdom Hearts 3 please! Something to let us know that it's coming!

inveni01986d ago

Would be cool if Agent was the game Rockstar was making with all GTA cities combined into one game, and that that is why it's taking so long.

Eyeco1986d ago

You know what the tragedy of TLG is ? the fact that when it was announced it was easily the most anticipated game of the show the amount of awards that trailer won and all that pre-release buzz which was and still is astronomical, information on the game would regularly be updated.

But nothing information regarding this game has been so sparse in the 3 years it was announced, no screenshots no gameplay video's, developer diaries nothing, this isn't anything out the norm but for a game as high profile as TLG it's quite tragic.

This list needs to be longer there have been way too many M.I.A of anticipated games this gen.

Omnislash1986d ago

FF13 vs and Last Guardian could very well be the two gen shattering games this gen and they're nowhere to be found and we've gotten nothing but delay news....

SegataShanshiro1986d ago

What makes you think that they will be the best games ever? Last game that took long to release was a piece of crap. Duke nukem forever. These 2 games are going the same path

Omnislash1986d ago

you had hope for an FPS? Really?

stonecold31986d ago

i think we willhear some more news about ffvs 13 in 2013 i think last gurdian will launch on ps4 i think getaway 3 will not come out same goes for eight days eyeidentify i think thats vapoware now unles these games arrive on ps4

onandonandon1986d ago

Still annoys me that Sony pulled the funding on Getaway 3 and Eight Days games for the sake of the Eyetoy and Singstar games!!

Farsendor11986d ago

i was looking forward to agent

dangert121986d ago

If Agent, FF VS XIII and Last Guardian where real and released earlier the ps3 would of been much better off sales wise i bet. Missed opportunities Sony

iamnsuperman1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

I struggle to see how it is sony's fault except for last guardian but why release something that isn't ready

Even Sony doesn't know wtf rockstar are doing about Agent

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The story is too old to be commented.