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Five (5) Games Still M.I.A. This Generation

Atomiqon writes, "There are always games that we wait for, sometimes for years, in eager anticipation before they are finally released to the masses. Occasionally, after delays and long periods of media black-outs, some games get lost in the shuffle never to resurface. Below is a collection of games that seemed to have promise and appeal but were ultimately cancelled or have not been heard from in a long time."

More after the break. (Agent, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Dev, Final Fantasy XV, Industry, PC, PS3, The Last Guardian, WarDevil, Xbox 360)

Ezz2013  +   892d ago
the last guardian
i really need any info about this game
all i need is team ico telling us if this game will come out this gen or the next one
Irishguy95  +   892d ago
FF versus was literally the deciding point in me getting a Ps3 back in 07. I expected it year after year at game shows and stuff.

Bah S-E....Bah!

That's all I have to say to them.

Please info in January + finish and release before Xiii-3
SilverBullet129  +   892d ago
That and Final Fantasy 10 for Vita and PS3 and please cross buy and play! I love that game and can't play it anymore since my fatty died:( have been dying to play it again on the go mostly.

Edit: Oh and Kingdom Hearts 3 please! Something to let us know that it's coming!
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inveni0  +   892d ago
Would be cool if Agent was the game Rockstar was making with all GTA cities combined into one game, and that that is why it's taking so long.
Eyeco  +   892d ago
You know what the tragedy of TLG is ? the fact that when it was announced it was easily the most anticipated game of the show the amount of awards that trailer won and all that pre-release buzz which was and still is astronomical, information on the game would regularly be updated.

But nothing information regarding this game has been so sparse in the 3 years it was announced, no screenshots no gameplay video's, developer diaries nothing, this isn't anything out the norm but for a game as high profile as TLG it's quite tragic.

This list needs to be longer there have been way too many M.I.A of anticipated games this gen.
Omnislash  +   892d ago
FF13 vs and Last Guardian could very well be the two gen shattering games this gen and they're nowhere to be found and we've gotten nothing but delay news....
SegataShanshiro  +   892d ago
What makes you think that they will be the best games ever? Last game that took long to release was a piece of crap. Duke nukem forever. These 2 games are going the same path
Omnislash  +   892d ago
you had hope for an FPS? Really?
stonecold3  +   892d ago
i think we willhear some more news about ffvs 13 in 2013 i think last gurdian will launch on ps4 i think getaway 3 will not come out same goes for eight days eyeidentify i think thats vapoware now unles these games arrive on ps4
onandonandon  +   892d ago
Still annoys me that Sony pulled the funding on Getaway 3 and Eight Days games for the sake of the Eyetoy and Singstar games!!
Farsendor1  +   892d ago
i was looking forward to agent
dangert12  +   892d ago
If Agent, FF VS XIII and Last Guardian where real and released earlier the ps3 would of been much better off sales wise i bet. Missed opportunities Sony
iamnsuperman  +   892d ago
I struggle to see how it is sony's fault except for last guardian but why release something that isn't ready

Even Sony doesn't know wtf rockstar are doing about Agent
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ATi_Elite  +   892d ago
Gonna add one that should be on the list.........

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2!!!

Will we ever get it and if so when and developed by who cause the original Dev team has left GSC Game World! Work was started and the game was reported to be really far along but then of course Sergi Grigoravich ran the company into the ground!
j-blaze  +   892d ago
it looks like sony isn't bothering with VersusXIII, if it was a first party game like Killzone they do anything to help making the game...it's like Sony doesn't care about Japanese games anymore...VersusXIII and The Last Guardian will always be among my most anticipated games ALWAYS!
DigitalRaptor  +   892d ago
You're full of sh*t. Yeah cause third party company Square Enix can't get their priorities straight, Sony is to blame... /s

Squeenix is 100% at fault here. They don't need Sony funding or technical help. 1st Production Department is independent, even if party owned, and Nomura and team are not struggling, but keep getting drafted to other WOOOONDERFUL games like the Lightning saga, which is why progress has been so slow.

Puppeteer, Rain made by Studio Japan? What about the updates that tell us that The Last Guardian is a money sink, but they won't drop it and have brought over their Santa Monica experts to help Team Ico overcome technical obstacles? What about Polyphony Digital with their constant support for GT5, which after a number of updates is on another level from its 2010 debut? What about Ni no Kuni made by a third party LEVEL-5 & Ghibli, but wholly embraced by Sony? What about the Tales series? What about their support of Demon's Souls which had a great push across from Japan, before FROM decided to go multiplat? What about Yakuza? Gravity Rush? Soul Sacrifice? Tokyo Jungle? Persona 4? There is no lack of Japanese support, but in your head.

But let's be honest here, the world exists outside of Japan and it's great. We know Sony is under a heap of financial stress and Japanese games just don't sell well enough unless they're from well established series, which a LOT of them aren't. Western games sell better even if you consider them worse (which is outrageous since so many of them are equally as good), which is why Sony have more western developers. It's as simple as that.
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Tomonobu Itagaki  +   892d ago
And don't forget the three Cellius games, which have been announced in 2007.
Neoprime  +   892d ago
Don't forget To End All Wars a World War One FPS.
Stevo2k  +   892d ago
Starwars battlefront 3 canned...now thats tragic :(
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   892d ago
ill w8 as long as I have to for VersusXIII.
JasonKCK  +   892d ago
is rockstar still working on agent?
josephayal  +   892d ago
I am still waiting for Final Fantasy VS and Agent for the XBOX 360
BatRastered  +   892d ago
Aliens isn't MIA... I played it at PAX this year and it's coming out in a few months. Swap that out for something like Prey 2.
SolidGear3  +   892d ago
Dying for Prey 2. Supposedly coming out next year. Bethesda didn't want it to interfere with the launch of Dishonored. Prey 2 has been essentially complete for awhile.
DonMingos  +   892d ago
wow. 4 of my most anticipated games are on this list: FFvsXIII, TLG, Agent and Aliens CM. At least, the latest is coming soon. Can't wait for that 4 player co-op.

I would add some MIA games such as The Getaway 3, Eight days, Beyond Good and Evil 2, The Outsider, Redwood Falls and Degeneration Theory: Cathaclysm
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No Way  +   892d ago
Why are people so up about Final Fantasy 13vs? What news is their on the game?
As far as I remember, that's not much on the game; so why is every excited about it?
Dark_Legend  +   892d ago
Well it is made by Nomura and he makes awesome games but you have a point here.
PhoenixRising37  +   892d ago
I'm still wondering where Star War Battlefront 3 is.
also, I'm concerned as to where these games are:
Kingdom Hearts 3
Mirror's Edge 2
Versus XIII (better be next-gen...)
Unreal Tournament 4 (I know it's coming when Unreal 4 is done)
Half-Life 3
Team Fortress 3
The next ratchet & clank future game
a good "mercenaries" game
hobohunterz  +   892d ago
Im still waiting for the sequel to XIII the ps2 game which has an ending that majorly hints on a second one..
elda  +   891d ago
I doubt if there's any game Agent coming to the PS3 there hasn't been any footage or talk in 4yrs about Agent & if there is still a Last Guardian & a FFvsXIII these will be the last games on the PS3 or they will be on the next generation Playstation released sometime in 2014,my opinion.
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