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Crysis, Dust 514 devs think free-to-play games 'could make PlayStation No.1 again'

Sony's investment in free-to-play console games could be key to the PlayStation maker becoming the dominant player in the home console market once again. (CCP Games, DUST 514, EVE Online, Industry, PS Vita, PS3, Sony)

Godchild1020  +   925d ago
I think it's how they use the free to play model, will determine how well it works for them and others. I enjoyed DCUO and free Realms, I went to see how it would play out and stayed for the enjoyment of the titles and the amount of things to do in DCUO and the expansion packs makes the game better.

I sure they will add a membership option for those that want to subscribe.
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sinncross  +   925d ago
Yeah its an interesting move by Sony.

Personally I want to see them try and get SOE on board with the PS4, see something like Planetside 2 as a launch title pre-installed on all PS4's (its free to play after all)
Godchild1020  +   925d ago
I think that is what Dust 514 is for. But that is a wild guess. I can't wait for it to get out of beta next year.

I hope to see Planetside 2 and other SOE games come over to the next Sony Console.
ABizzel1  +   924d ago
Depends on the game. No one will play a game if it isn't good, or interesting even if it's F2P.

That being said Sony has a couple of decent F2P games under their belt already, and with time we should see even more F2P games.
crusadernm   924d ago | Spam
It's already number 1. For gaming anyway.

Seeing how planetside 2 is on the pc and will work on steam box. All sony needs to do is bring it to ps4 and they will be making money from 3 platforms. Cross platform I hope.

They should make ps4 exclusives for ps4 of course and make AAA f2p games on multiple platforms. That would help their profits.

Also I am dying to see what they are doing with gaikai.
Glad they bought them 1 year+ before ps4. should be ready at launch.

Last game I played on gaikai was tera. :)
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animegamingnerd  +   925d ago
you hopes seam a little to high for the PS4
PS4isKing_82  +   925d ago
There was a very similar article recently saying the same thing. And it was about this same topic on free to play games on ps3.
The-Batman  +   925d ago
It will take much more than Free-to-play titles to bring the Playstation name to number one again.
Belking  +   925d ago
What? So does that mean Playstation isn't no.1 I guess we will see but i'm sure all three will have free to play games.
pixelsword  +   924d ago
That's kind of relative; if you're looking at overall sales this gen, from what I understand they (for the moment) are either neck and neck with Microsoft or surpassed the xbox.

In terms of future prospects, from the current range of support, technical specs, and growth in terms of programming innovation over the next several years some analysts are saying the current number 1 console owner (Nintendo) doesn't have a good footing for next gen; but again, that's opinion.
Belking  +   924d ago
"analysts are saying the current number 1 console owner (Nintendo) doesn't have a good footing for next gen; but again, that's opinion."

Analysts also said that the wii wouldn't sell and Nintendo would lose the japanese market.
pixelsword  +   924d ago
First of all I didn't say "analysts", I said "some analysts"; and in either case it's still an opinion.
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Gridloc  +   925d ago
But just look what MS brought to FTP. How many Xbox Live subscribers are still playing it? Not many last I played it. Free is not in Microsoft's vocabulary unless its free to f*ck over as many that will follow...
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black911  +   924d ago
Define No1.? Wii was number 1 for casual gamers dance central etc. PS3 sold better way better than the 360 when you consider the price differnce,1 year head start and the Millions Of sales Microsoft gained from RROD.
Viper7  +   924d ago
Playstation network is still too stiff for most F2P MMORPG games most of them require constant updates and background downloads.

It's unforgivable to force the users to download a 2GB+ update after downloading the game (DCU has 15GB+ Update!).

Well to be perfectly honest all > 500MB updates are fairly sinful on PS3 as there's simply no background download option for these patches.

Latest versions of the clients should always be available from the Playstation store so new players can just download the game (on the background) and after client download patches should be kept at minimum.
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tachy0n  +   924d ago
free to play is the worst thing to ever happened to gamers and i learned this the hard way, when you put money into a game and you get banned for no reason, you lose everything only because a mod or an admin doesnt like you and stuff like that.

my brother got banned in another game only because he killed an admin (lolwut).

its a very long process to get unbanned from games and most of the time you wont get unbanned!

hopefully free to play games never takes off, it sucks!!!!!

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