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GTA V on PS3 and Xbox 360: Choosing The Right Platform

Techtorial: Next year, Grand Theft Auto V is without a doubt the biggest release from the video game industry and just in case you still haven’t own a PS3 or Xbox 360, here’s a discussion of possibilities why players should choose one platform over the other. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

Snookies12  +   487d ago
I'm going with PS3 because honestly... I've owned GTA games on Sony platforms all three generations. Had GTA2 on PS1, still have San Andreas and Vice City on PS2, and have GTA4 on PS3. I just don't like to switch around game consoles if I don't have to. Try to stick to one console per series. (Unless it's something like Kingdom Hearts which jumps platforms like crazy. -_-)
Jinkies  +   487d ago
Same here

GTA for me is a PS game

I played the past GTA games on Sony platforms and it just wouldn't feel right playing it on another platform

Same goes with Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid for example
EVILDEAD360  +   487d ago
Just like IV..I'll go with the 360. Side note is the GTA IV is still a top 20 staple on Xbox Live even after all these years.

Currently #13...the online was a blast. It was like do whatever you wanted in your own world, especially with friends.

I can see with better graphics, controls, etc that GTA 5 will take over Live again.

We all came up on the PS2, since back then the entire earth had a PS2, but those old feelings like I have to play a game on one system or the other is long gone.

But, I do think like in my case I love earning achievements and favor the 360 controls. But I could see someone feeling the same for any system as we have this entire gen.

Most just simply play the system they own as everyone isn't like me and owns them all.

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TheModernKamikaze  +   487d ago
Muerte2494  +   487d ago
It's no secret that I love Playstation. I just don't see how your comment received disagrees. There was nothing wrong with it in the least. I'm sure the reason solely lies in the fact that you said 360. There was nothing "fanboyish" or irrational about your statement. I'm actually getting it on Ps3 because it's my system of choice. This article it stupid because it ultimately comes down to which console you have, or which system has most of your friend on it. Only way you'd be choosing the wrong platform is if you were expecting GTA 5 on the Wii U.
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Lvl_up_gamer  +   487d ago
I agree with evildead

Due to the control mechanics/feel, friends and Achievements, I will be purchasing GTA5 on the 360 like I did with GTA4.

Just my preference.
Jinkies  +   487d ago
"Due to the control mechanics/feel, friends and "

I love how you guys are going to get it because of that, you do realise it's about the game not friends and achievements. Your like those people who buy COD only because of their friends, not because they like the game it's self.

Plus the mechanics/controls feel better on the PS3 because it was like that in GTA3, VC, SA
Ezz2013  +   487d ago
it will come down to preference
nothing more
for me
i will go with ps3 version because it will be on one disk /control /trophies
Jamzluminati  +   487d ago
Easy PS3. Only one disk.

Haters gonna hate.
Tctczach  +   487d ago
As an owner of both consoles I'm going to have to go with the 360. Multiple discs(if they are doing it) are going to suck but the online seems better on the 360 with past Rockstar games.
DonnieDarko  +   487d ago
On 360 I suspect they'll do what they did with halo 4. Install one disc and play off the other. I will get it on 360 as Party chat will be used all the time and most people I know play on 360. I hope they keep cops n crooks mode that was my fave. Was ruined tho by the cops always pinching the getaway boat. Deffo need random spawn points for getaway vehicles this time!!
AngelicIceDiamond  +   487d ago
I'm surprised people are saying 360!?
Zodiac  +   487d ago
It's a multiplat, so your best bet is the 360. Some rare exceptions exist, though.
BitbyDeath  +   487d ago
GTAV is being made independently on each system so those issues shouldn't exist.
IRetrouk  +   487d ago
If there is one dev that can improve on themselves its rockstar, i think this time the game will run alot better on both systems, i will end up with a copy for both because i know i wont get near my ps3 with the girlfriend robbing it on me.
SuperSonic266  +   487d ago
GTA 5 has only been shown on ps3
hennessey86  +   487d ago
I'll go
With the best version, it doesn't matter which console its played on.
Godchild1020  +   487d ago
I doubt Rockstar will go the route with an timed exclusive DLC for GTA V, IV was an exception because it was the first GTA game on a next Gen console. They also got an ear full from PS3 users. They made it up to PS3 users with PS3 exclusive content with L.A Noire and Red Dead Redemption. With that said, I don't think any console will get any exclusive or timed exclusive content from RS this time around.

While having 3 or more disc on X360, the PS3 suffers from having a lot of Data on the Disc as well, that depends on how optimized the game is on the system though. This is Rockstars second GTA title on this console and 4th or 5th game this gen, so I'm sure this game will work well on both platforms even after a patch. Look at how RDR ran on the 360 and how it ran after the patch on the PS3.

As the author mentioned MP3, it ran well on both consoles and I'm sure GTA V will run just as well on both consoles.

I played GTA IV on the 360 and then on the PS3 after I bought a PS3 and will end up picking up the PS3 copy at launch, due to not having any problems with GTAIV on the PS3.
Relientk77  +   487d ago
PS3 because the series was on Sony platforms first
TheModernKamikaze  +   487d ago
Wasn't it on PC first?
Snookies12  +   487d ago
Yeah it was, though pretty much every game since 1 has been on Sony platforms.
jack who  +   487d ago
xbox unless u forgot about all the problems with the ps3 GTA4
TheModernKamikaze  +   487d ago
Im sorry but what were those problems?
Because I didn't encounter any.
Bathyj  +   487d ago
The game was boring?
I'm pretty sure it had that problem on XB too.
Snookies12  +   487d ago
I believe I heard PS3 was lead platform for development of GTAV however. So those problems really shouldn't exist this time around (if there were any? I never noticed any...).
xJumpManx  +   487d ago
It will be the same game on both platforms but Xbox Live gives you more options like cross game chat so it easily wins for me.
Belking  +   487d ago
I get almost all of my multi-plats on the xbox so that's the one I will get. Plus, I prefer the controller over the DS3. Most multiplats this gen have turned out a little better on xbox so I'll stick with it.
Nelson M  +   487d ago
I just dont fancy swapping disc's every time i enter a building and then swapping disc again when i come out of that building
Ma1nframe  +   487d ago
LOL exactly. PS3 all the way.

The xbox GTA 5 version will come with 6 disks says the latest rumos LOL

6 disks
Belking  +   487d ago
I agree. That's why I will just install the whole game on my xbox hard drive. Problem solved. It's not even mandatory but it's nice to have that choice.
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StreetsofRage  +   487d ago
Is it a multiplat game? Yes? 360 it is than.

Plus Rockstar games haven't had a good run on the ps3. The 360 version of GTA4 had a better framerate and overall better sharper looking game. Same goes with Red Dead. Than add all the other open world games like Skyrim, Fallout 3, or Far Cry 3 and you can see that the ps3 has issues with these type of games.. Open world games almost always has frame rate issues on the ps3.

Ever wonder why the ps3 has not have an exclusive to fully use the bluray and give us a massive open world game that would make Skyrim or GTA4 fans cry? Simple, because the ps3 can't handle it. The ps3's best games are all small box linear games like Uncharted. Infamous is the only open world exclusive but that game looked like crap. I expect the same with GTA5.

*Just an observation with facts giving from previous open world games. Don't get all pissy.
BitbyDeath  +   487d ago
inFamous 2 is one of the best looking open world games available on consoles.

Your so called facts are wrong.
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Ezz2013  +   487d ago
Far cry 3 , AC3 run as good or better on ps3

face off far cry 3
"for which both PS3 and 360 are guilty to equal degrees. Frame-rate is also a big drag too, and we'd hoped for better than the 20-30FPS fluctuations we're getting from both platforms during gunplay - though 360 fares slightly better here overall"

and then they say
"Image quality bears mention too: both console releases are tightly paired in their approach to multi-sampling native 720p outputs, and the only eye-catching difference is the dithered shadows on Sony's platform around globally illuminated areas. As if to compensate here, we see superior texture filtering on PS3 and slightly less evidence of triangle culling after fast-travelling around the archipelago. It's a close call in many respects"

Face Off Assasin Creed 3
"Technically, Assassin's Creed 3 is very well-rounded game on both PS3 and 360. For starters, the use of v-sync does greater justice to the visuals while in motion, where torn frames are now gladly a thing of the past. Outside of differences in texture filtering and shadow draw distance, which favour Microsoft's console by a small margin, there's very little else that set these two versions apart in terms of image quality. The 4.5GB mandatory install on PS3 might be a factor for some, but it's clear that the faster streaming from HDD has benefited performance greatly, resulting in a frame-rate that's often neck-and-neck with the 360's - save for a few busy spots around city areas.

Looking forward, it'll be fascinating to see what may be added - or potentially subtracted - from the game's upcoming Wii U release, and whether tablet controls can find a place in the Assassin's Creed experience. The upcoming PC version will also be worth considering, especially if it allows us to clear up the weaker graphical elements in view on console such as the aliased shadows and visible geometry pop-in. If you can't wait, however, it's fair to say the game is built around a strong familiarity of the 360 and PS3's boundaries, which reaps dividends in every other way. The differences have once again become even more marginal and either version is worth your attention."

add to those open world games that look as good or better on ps3:
prototype 1-2
the amazing spider man
saints raw games
La noire
batman games
Ac games
Fallout NV
demon souls
dark souls
infamous 1-2
etc. of long list

not because a few open world games that was mae for 360 and then ported BADLY to ps3 .. make it ps3 fault

and i just lol'd at your
"Infamous is the only open world exclusive but that game looked like crap"
infamous 2 till this day no other open world game on consoles match it

"On the visual side of things, well they are pretty phenomenal to say the least. I have never seen a better looking open world game on consoles to date than inFamous 2. Not only does it look good, but it ran very smoothly with no performance hic-ups at all. "

you clearly never owned or played any ps3 exclusive
and it's clear you never owned ps3
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Playstation4LyFe  +   487d ago
I'll wait for the side by sides and the actual gameplay comparisons.. till then I dont know..
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TheTimeDoctor  +   487d ago
ill buy it for the ps3, but you have to know Microsoft will throw money at rock star to secure timed exclusives and it'll probably run better on the 360, at least day one.
Ma1nframe  +   487d ago
PS3 version ofcourse. GTA IS PS3...and just ported over to the xbot. The superior version will be the PS3 version.
Max-Zorin  +   487d ago
''My version will be better, no my version will be better'' *Sigh* Just shut the fuck up already! It's only video games!
black911  +   487d ago
PS3 Bluray
TheSuperior  +   486d ago
I think the game will be great on both :D haha but after stating the obvious i think ill be buying for the xbox 360 just because i tend to game more on my xbox but theres nothing wrong with PS3 either :)
ShaunCameron  +   486d ago
I bought GTA IV for the 360. I say most likely this time around, I'm buying GTA V for the PS3. I like to see the IP back on the platform that made it famous.
Valenka  +   486d ago
I'm buying Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox 360 because it's my console of choice. There doesn't need to be a battle of the consoles or an article telling you what console to buy it on. Let people get it on the console of their choice.
QDOGG  +   482d ago
I remember playing GTA4 on both PS3 and 360 my nephew had the 360 when i did a video compare. the PS3 looked better especially at night time in the game the sky was true black where as the 360 version it looked grayish
thank you sony for blu ray true hd gaming so PS3 for me
QDOGG  +   482d ago
360 standard dvd games no HD dvd so last gen
PS3 blu ray disc games the best this gen

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