Metal Gear Solid V[ita]: The Phantom Pain is no utopia

Have you heard of a mysterious game The Phantom Pain developed by fictional Moby Dick Studio? Sure you have. But the masterly made trailer gave so many question that we were left with just one in our minds – “what the heck is this game?”

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jaredhart1708d ago

Since I bought a Vita on Black Friday ($179.99), BRING IT ON!!!

Metal Gear Vita would be HUGE! A definite preorder.

Of course, this rumor would have to be true ...

-Mika-1708d ago

I think it true because it wouldn't make sense to announce two console MGS games so soon. So that would mean Konami is officially milking the MGS name or this game might be exclusive to the Vita.

EddieNX 1708d ago

Ofcourse the Vita is powerfull enough to run what we have seen of the Phantom pain

Let me just rephrase that a little.

The Sony PS vita is in no shape or form , even half as powerfull as what we have seen of the Phantom Pain. Unsurprisingly because it is a Handheld Console.

It's ps3 or maybe something to do with PS4

disturbing_flame1708d ago

I think people should stop believing when infomations come from blogs with those poor speculations.

It's the best way to be disapointed if it's not true.

This article is only based on speculation, it has been written to generate clicks.
So if i were you i would be more hyped by games like Phantasy Star online 2, Tearaway or Soul sacrifice.

Those games can already be considered as potential best game of the year on Vita. No need to believe on a Metal Gear that would be exclusive to Vita. If it happens it's cool, but this article is just crap and is based on nothing that can be reliable.

Sanquine901708d ago

@kingofwii U : Is that because the wii U or 3ds are not getting this game? I think you where screaming if this game was coming to wii U:D

abc12331708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

Compare Uncharted GA to the first Uncharted, the Vita is comparable to the PS3. Now imagine what a developer with plenty of resources, commitment and time can do with the Vita.

StanSmith1708d ago


No... Just no.

As good as Uncharted GA looks, it does not match the first Uncharted game graphically. Anyone who thinks so, needs to go back and replay it.

The Vita is not comparable to the PS3 in power. This same nonsense was spread with the PSP with people saying it was as good as the PS2. It wasn't. These are handheld consoles. They are not even close in power to home consoles. That goes for 3DS as well as Vita.

Phantom Pain will never look as good as the trailer on Vita. Stop kidding yourselves. It won't happen.

HammadTheBeast1708d ago

Surprisingly, less than 40 disagrees on a Mika comment...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

Why run a game on a dx11 pc(can't buy dx9 cards anymore) and say that it's same as 360 & ps3 to put it on vita? Lord.. They will say it runs on vita just to test it for 3ds before ultimately making it exclusively for iphone 6s.

meetajhu1708d ago


I like to know what your smoking.

Ju1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

It's not on PS3 level given fill rate and amount of polys it can render, but it is on par if not beyond what shaders can do. The Vita has unified shaders and some effects in UC:GA surpass what UC on the PS3 does, especially on lighting. Also, what I've seen so far, GA also pushes the amount of polygons a handheld device renders these days which is plenty to make this a high end experience, even if it won't match current consoles. MGS which pushes the Vita would certainly appreciated. It's quite capable of delivering console like experiences in a handheld format. Why all the hate?

That said, on-topic...MGS won't be Vita exclusive. The article is speculation. I don't believe any MGS from now on will be exclusive anyway. Konami already showed that the Fox Engine will support multiple platforms, the Vita being one of them.

abc12331708d ago

@StanSmith: honestly? Go look at some side-by-side pictures of the two. It should be very clear that GA is on-par with DF and in some aspects such as lighting, ahead of it.

PSP wasn't on-par with PS2? Go look at Peace Walker, the graphics on that was easily on-par with PS2 games.

I'm not saying the phantom pain is a vita-exclusive, just that I'm not going to say that it definitely isn't

JasonKCK1707d ago

i agree this game would be worth getting a vita 4. this is exactly what the vita needs not cod.

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ritsuka6661708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

I don’t know why people are reading this as me saying its Vita exclusive…. all this article said was this game is most likely coming to Vita thats it, not exclusively.

rpd1231708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

It still wouldn't make sense for them to announce two MGS games for consoles. The most logical explanation is that it is a Vita exclusive.

turgore1708d ago

It looks to good for a vita game. It might be ported to vita, but what we saw definetely wasn't running on it.

WitWolfy1707d ago

I hate this site... Everybody is a journalist!

Diver1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

i agree ritsu except this site loves idiot unsupported Sony doom articles. now a pro Sony product article appears and suddenly a question of the reliability of the writing takes center stage.

no siree bob what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

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Knight_Crawler1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

Saying this game is a Vita exclusive is just as crazy as saying that its a 3DS or Wii U exclusive -_- - this does not make any sense financially from a business point of view.

Konami will not be making anymore exclusive games, this was the reason for making the Fox Engine.

A new game coming from Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima will show off the new Fox Engine. This next-gen, multiplatform game engine was revealed in Konami's pre-E3 announcements today. Kojima says that this engine will be the future of Kojima Production games, and that it will let them move away from developing games made for a single platform. This new game, which may or may not have been shown in the presentation, will most likely not be a Metal Gear game. Don't cry.

The demonstration ran on an Xbox 360 dev kit. It featured a guy moving through a highly detailed jungle, where super-realistic leaves fall in the background. Also shown: A super shiny and muscular dog and horse. It's not much, but GameTrailers has a good look at what little there is.

Here's the important part: The next game from Kojima Productions will use this fancy new Fox Engine. We know this game will be multiplatform and will be created for a global audience.


Edit: Why disagree with facts...the Vita does not have a large enough install base for Konami to make a profit from by making an AAA game for the Vita only - also MGS 5 will be on as much platforms as possible because Konami needs to make money on the engine that they spent millions to build.

DonMingos1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

If the Vita don't have a big install base to make profit, than an exclusive MGS would be enough to build that install base.

Exclusive MGS = System Seller

Just like any exclusive Monster Hunter

abc12331708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

What makes even less sense financially is releasing two different console games around the same time.

Braid1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

The disagrees are due to your statements below:

"This new game, which may or may not have been shown in the presentation, will most likely not be a Metal Gear game. Don't cry."

It's a Metal Gear game. The evidence is so overwhelming that stating it isn't an MGS game at this point, is just falsifying. Go to the so called Moby Dick website and you'll see a CLEAR picture of Big Boss which was not shown in the trailer, that's just him and you can't argue with that.

If it's Ground Zeroes or another game is up to debate, though. But what was shown is definitely, without a doubt, unarguably, as clear as sky, was Metal Gear related. It's so Metal Gear that we shouldn't even be talking about the possibility that it might be a new IP or some other game at this point.

Mounce1708d ago

I have a Vita. I'm basically waiting for an MGS to go on it like Acid 1 and 2 to PSP, like PO and PO+ to PSP, like Peacewalker to PSP.

To those that say it's a stupid idea to think of an MGS game on Vita? LOL. Peacewalker was unofficially labeled as MGS5 before future ideas came forth of GZ and 'Phantom Pain'.

EternalChaos1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

It appears to me that this is all pointless. Most of the people who are upset about this are people who do not have a Vita and you most likely are and forever will be anti-Vita. For everyone who's against this being a Vita game/exclusive. If turns out to be so, would you buy it or hate it still because it's on the Vita? I'm just curious?

As someone stated down below. If RE: Revelations were possible on the 3DS given its hardware specs compared to the Vita, how is this not possible with the Vita's specs?

If you really look at the photo's of "TPP" it really does not compare to MG:GZ's and is graphically far from GZ's. All those jaggies would be sad for a console title. I thought our consoles were way beyond that, are you saying I'm wrong or is this just a rushed title? If it's rushed then I can understand because our consoles are way more capable then that.

Lets be real here.

MasterCornholio1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

I love the collection on the Vita so a brand new Metal Gear game would be great to me. I really hope that Kojima brings a new title to the Vita and i hope that they put Metal Gear Acid into the store because i really enjoyed (although many didnt) that title when i had my PSP.

P.S I dont believe that Phantom Pain is a title for the Vita but i do believe that Kojima will make something for Sony´s portable.

@Knight Crawler

"The demonstration ran on an Xbox 360 dev kit."

Then why didn´t Kojima mentioned that Ground Zeroes was being run on a PC equipped like a 360 if the Fox Engine is better on the 360 than the PS3?

"Kojima stated that the Ground Zeroes is not Metal Gear Solid 5, but it is a “prologue.” He also confirmed that the demo shown is running on a PC hardware speced out to be similar to the PS3 and that the final game should resemble the demo video."

Im really confused because the fox engine demo was shown off with a 360 dev kit but Ground Zeroes was done on a PC with a similar detail level to a PS3.

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Tctczach1708d ago

I'm going to cry if this game is only for Vita. :(

cpayne931708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

And I'll cry with happiness. :)

Seriously, in my opinion the best mgs game is mgs1, followed by Peace Walker. The worst, in my opinion, is 4, though still an excellent game. So the platform only matters so much, my favorite is on the weakest while my least favorite is on the most powerful.

What I loved about PW was just how the missions were set up perfectly for portable play, but beyond that the game was the biggest mgs game yet, so many mission and so many weapons and other things to unlock. And its also one of the best co op games I have ever played.

It would be wierd if they are announcing another console one so soon after Ground Zeroes was announced anyway.

Edit: ABizzel while I do agree it was one of the best games this gen, I just think it was below the usual mgs standards. Some of the cutscenes got tedious and overdone, but what I really didn't like about the game was the forced action segments. There were several times you were forced to shoot your way through loads and loads of enemies, even turret sequences were put in the game. MGS is a stealth game, the action parts should be minimal. You would be shooting people from the motorcycle, back of a truck, on MG Rex, or just charging through with other npcs guns blazing. The other games had a little of this, but it was kept to a minimum. Also, compare the characters to past mgs characters. Most all the villains from the other games were pretty interesting, but the beauty things had no character at all, after you killed them you got to hear a sob story from drebin, but it was really hard to care at that point.

ABizzel11708d ago

Definitely have to disagree. While MGS 4 was a cutscenes fest, it was still one of the most enjoyable / best games of this generation. It completely succeeded with it's gameplay, the problem was there was nearly as much cutscene as there was gameplay, and having to install every chapter sucked. But what was there was amazing. One of the few games worthy of the hype this gen.

kB01707d ago

The word bad and MGS 4 don't belong in the same sentence.

You just can't have ADD to play and enjoy MGS 4.

Sanquine901708d ago

Because you will buy a vita then? If it is a exclusive just save up for money. In 2013 their would be deffinetly a pricedrop. I already got 2 vita's and i am enjoying it. ( 2 vita's > European PSN account and Japanese account

Braid1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

Dude, just being curious here, why did you buy two systems to switch between accounts? While the process is not as easy as it is on PS3, it's perfectly possible to switch between your accounts on the same Vita.

Here's what you need to do: you just buy a big arse mem-card, download your stuff from both stores, delete your account (don't delete your personal data like saves and downloaded content, it's asked if you want to when you're about to delete your acc) and set up your second one, voila! The content bought from your previous account will be on the menu, but you won't be accessing them (gives you an error that the content is owned by another user). Now that your second account is logged in, download your stuff, play them, and when you want to go back to your previous account, delete the current one using the same method I mentioned above, leaving your personal data out from the deletion. All the content bought from your two accounts will be visible now in the menu, but you'll only access them when the correct one (the one you bought them on) is logged in. Your save games will not be deleted and you'll be able to use them whenever you jump back and forth with your accounts. Not an easy process deleting and setting up accounts all the time you need to switch is, but it at least works.

Just wanted to mention this, as some people might misunderstand what you wrote and take it as there's no way to use a Vita with two accounts. There obviously is a way, but it's just not as convenient as it is on PS3.

Megaton1708d ago

Who can look at what is clearly the Fox Engine and come to the conclusion that it's running on the Vita? Take your meds.