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The Last of Us could have one of the best multiplayer modes in years

PSU.com writes:

"Earlier this week, developer Naughty Dog confirmed that its upcoming post-apocalyptic romp The Last of Us would feature a multiplayer mode of some description. This was met with some trepidation from gamers, as the subject of multiplayer being shoe-horned into a largely single-player experience has been a highly contentious issue for the last few years. Just look at Dead Space 2, Mass Effect 3 and Assassin’s Creed and you’ll see what we’re talking about." (PS3, The Last Of Us)

Jinkies  +   859d ago
It wouldn't matter anyway, it's the single player people care about and thats what it will be known for.

"Uncharted 2 and 3 are a testament to how the studio is able to craft a thrilling campaign and supplement the action with a compelling multiplayer. We think the same case will definitely apply for The Last of Us."

With Uncharted 2 it worked because it was simple and fun yet they didn't work on it much meaning hardly no resources were wasted on multiplayer which could of been used on the single player game, hell they actually threw it in the game because they were FINISHED with the game and had some time left, with U2 they made a basic multiplayer and it worked. With Uncharted 3 however they went overboard and they felt they had to compete with the "big boys" aka COD which then lead to them giving the online COD like gimmicks like every other multiplayer game these days and it took away resources from the single player because they worked on it at the same time...come on Uncharted 3 was amazing but the story especialy character development was no where near as good as Uncharted 2 and I think it's pretty obvious that the multiplayer was the problem, they spent too much time on it instead of just tweaking what they had with Uncharted 2, all they had to do was take U2 before the 1.5 update, put it in Uncharted 2, add some new weapons or reskin the old ones and then add then customization.

It's why I hope they just make it like Uncharted 2 again so they can work on the single player more.

Besides Uncharted 2 it worked because multiplayer fitted that type of game. With TLOU being this survival type game, where resources are limited, it's not the type of game to have multiplayer. A few co-op missions fair enough but at least add an AI so single player gamers can play through it by themselfs.
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Skips  +   859d ago
For me it's

MP U2 > U3
Coop U3 > U2

I'm sure some of the team from U3 is helping TLOU team out so the MP won't detract too much from SP. I also wouldn't mind seeing The Last Of Us with COOP. But with separate missions like Uncharted,
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Jacobster  +   859d ago
Yeah I lost interest in UC3 much quicker than UC2. I remember playing survival mode (another thing that irritated me you couldn't just pick this mode) and you'd have no lives so once you were dead that was it! I miss being told how many headshots I could get with the FAL too! The overall experience of this multiplayer really ticks me off because you can feel that another team made this and I think they don't represent what the brand was about. End of rant ha!
Calling it now. TLOU gets goty at next vga just before ps4 launch. Also a sony game reveal at vga.
sdozzo  +   859d ago
It's not fair to say that the story suffers because the multiplayer was better. How they allocate resources is up to them and might not reflect why one part is good or bad.
Awesome_Gamer  +   858d ago
I'm sure i'm in the minority this gen, but I don't give a crap about the multiplayer portion of any game, I'm singleplayer-only gamer. Naughty Dog is an amazing developer so i'm pretty sure the singleplayer won't be affected by the inclusion of MP. The Last of Us will be amazing, don't worry people.
Jacobster  +   859d ago
I totally agree with you on the UC2 multiplayer! I think the multiplayer was actually more challenging, more enjoyable and more of a visceral experience. Just look at the character models and other gimmicks they threw in just to gain more cash. I guess this is the way game companies think and will continue to do business.

I am looking forward to the Last of Us and I hope the multiplayer is co-op based :)
Jinkies  +   859d ago
I think it was more challenging because skill played a big factor in it

In Uncharted 3 it's more about "What kind of high lv weapons have you unlocked", "My kickback is better then yours" or at the end of the day plain luck because of the use of gimmicks in the match.

I've been more killed in U3 because of people spraying from the hip then in U2 where people used to actually use the cover and tried to hide so they could surprize you later.

They've added a classic like mode in U3 and it's better then anything thats in U3. It's too late though now, my interest is completely gone from the game they should of had that mode in it from the start.
jimbobwahey  +   859d ago
How could the multiplayer in Uncharted 3 take resources away from crafting the story and character development? I don't think you understand how game development works at all. You don't have writers who just suddenly decide that they're going to work on multiplayer...

Besides, ND have gone on record as stating that they had to rewrite the story quite late into development because one of the voice actors (Cutter) had to leave the project early for filming The Hobbit. That's the type of thing that has an impact on the story and character development of a game, not multiplayer.
sdozzo  +   859d ago
The first paragraph is a perfect response.
FanMan  +   859d ago
just because TLoU is adding multiplayer it doesnt mean its going to be a COD fragfest. for all we know the multiplayer is a 5v2 survival mode with zombies thrown in.
Tetsujin  +   859d ago
I hope to hell there's no MP trophies; I can't stand people who join online, get dinged, then leave mid match/game to get another one. I also don't like how some games lose popularity or even shut their servers down and if someone was working on their plat they're SOL.
ratcop22  +   858d ago
They have a complete different people work on multiplayer. No resources are ever wsted. So shut it.
Reborn  +   859d ago
Didnt UC have MP because ND had two teams working on the game? Meaning, they were able to do it, without compromise?

I'm not sure though (kinda a question).
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Ezz2013  +   859d ago
i don't care about the MP
i'm buying the last of us DAY 1 because the story
the multiplayer is just a bonus
JasonKCK  +   858d ago
agree story over mp any day
Tctczach  +   859d ago
Loved U:2&3 but the multiplayer was meh. I played the multiplayer for about 2 days then dropped it.
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yesmynameissumo  +   859d ago
For me, I am interested in The Last of Us for the single player experience. Obviously, it's why I'm buying the game (pre-ordered on Amazon). The thought of a potential infected vs survivors MP game is exciting. It already appears as though the SP portion has and is getting plenty of development love, so why not make an MP mode? Look at the GoW beta. People seem to genuinely enjoy it.
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Games4ever  +   859d ago
I don't care about multiplayer in any game out there.
Picnic  +   858d ago
Have a go on Motorstorm Apocalypse if you've got a PS3 though. Best online fun since Quake 3.
Cam977  +   859d ago
I hope it has a "survival" style COOP mode as seen in Uncharted 2/3.
IIC0mPLeXII  +   859d ago
Tacked on. Nuff said.
Minato-Namikaze  +   859d ago
Gotta troll better than this
dafegamer  +   859d ago
ahhh come on >_>. At least put more effort in it
Blastoise  +   859d ago
Separate resources

InTheLab  +   858d ago
i dont understand how you consider it tacked on while the game is still in development. Do you know for a fact that mp was not planned? The is the first game in th e franchise so I dont understand how this game is considered sp only when no one really knows.
ILive  +   858d ago
There are just a lot of foolish people in the world. You can clearly tell with their comments. "Tacked on. Nuff Said." Lol...people.
TronEOL  +   859d ago
The idea of Multiplayer killing single player is just a myth gamers created to simply explain why the Single Player sucked. It's the scapegoat, just like media always blames gaming for bad world events.

Not to mention Mass Effect 3 and Assassin's Creed have very well-done Multiplayer portions, with Mass Effect 3's MP being handled by a team MADE to make DLC and ME3's MP mode (ME4's about to be their first full game).

Gamers are honestly starting to sound like old senile folk who sit there screaming about the world ending (MP ruins everything, change sucks, change is needed, popular games are the cause of gamings downfall, etc) and how everyone should get more Jesus (aka return to SNES, Sega, early PC and PS1/2 games).

Uncharted 2-3, Mass Effect 3, Assassin's Creed, Gears of War 1-3, and Halo 1-4 all had good/fantastic Multiplayer modes and managed to have fantastic single player modes also.

Single Player only gets ruined by Multiplayer if the team is inexperienced with Multiplayer modes or poorly managed.
ILive  +   858d ago
I like your comment sir. I just don't understand why many people can't seem to think this way.
Ddouble  +   858d ago
Well Said
betan21  +   859d ago
only times will tell if this will be the case when this game come out soon
2pacalypsenow  +   859d ago
i think COD 4 had the best multiplayer this gen
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Master-H  +   859d ago
yes and dark/demon's souls
bloodybutcher  +   859d ago
god, i remember being invaded for the first time in demon's souls...i chickened out and made the game off!:D cuz i was so surprised*hangs head down in shame* but with all the following ones i was fighting^^ and i was laughing my ass off once when a guy, who was totally kicking my ass with magic fell down the cliff^^
bloodybutcher  +   859d ago
i liked bfbc2 as well, kz2 was great imo
TheFallenAngel  +   858d ago
Resistance: Fall of Man too. That game had an amazing multiplayer.
ILive  +   858d ago
Killzone 3 and Uncharted 2 and 3 as far as being the best for me.
WeAreLegion  +   858d ago
It sounds odd, but Journey is my favorite multi-player. Journey fans will know why. ;)
BanBrother  +   858d ago
Mine has to be Gears of War 1. Very skill demanding game. Just like Killzone 2.

Cod 4 was great also, can't deny that despite what the series has become.
WeskerChildReborned  +   859d ago
Idk, we haven't even seen it so we can't say it could be the best.
dhruv013  +   859d ago
why is it nowadays each and every game includes multiplayer ?? its not compulsory i guess .... just give us a game with gud convincing story and graphics dat be such a badass game lol just saying :)
IIC0mPLeXII  +   857d ago
We are getting that game, Bioshock Infinite. Some of Sony's devs are getting a little too mainstream for my tastes. With Insomniac doing the bro shooter Fuse, and now this mp bullshit from Naughty Dog. I just hope more devs can be like Irrational.
DonnieDarko  +   859d ago
I loved uc2 multiplayer to bits. Was shocked and appalled by the uc3 multiplayer. Played it a handful of times then went straight back to 2. Gutted. It was difficult tho as if you're naughty dog do u just repackage uc2 multiplayer and say here you go and charge another £40? And then everyone moans like they do about cod that its the same game as the last one? They had to mix it up a bit to keep the fans from moaning. But it just
Goes to show if youre a developer you can't win! Fans will always be divided. I personally wish they'd just slightly tinkered with uc2 multiplayer rather than an overhaul.
Blacklash93  +   859d ago
The title of the article almost had me think there were actual details of the multiplayer.
Old McGroin  +   859d ago
So basically this article is unable to shed a single ray of light on what will be involved in The Last Of Us' multiplayer mode and still states it could be one of the best multiplayer in years. Thanks for wasting my time.
chukamachine  +   859d ago
Don't care about MP in a TPS. It's all about the singleplayer.
josephayal  +   858d ago
and probably one of the best games this GEN, COD's days are numbered
smashcrashbash  +   858d ago
Gamers are worst drama queens then any person in any other media in the world. Multiplayer will spoil the single player? MP took away from UC SP? Appalled by UC3 MP? What, was it none functional? Did it look like a SNES game? Did it glitch and jump through out the whole game? Was it unplayable? Was it easily hacked and filled with hundreds of cheaters? Did the attributes make you unstoppable? No.And yet people moan and groan and cry about UC3 MP and SP endlessly because it fell a notch below the last one or so you claim or because people still believe UC2 MP was a waste of time. Endlessly people cry and cry and cry and cry. If they had just made UC23 MP the same as the last one people would be moaning on and on about why they could change it and if they change it people cry and moan about why they changed it.The same thing with Resistance. You cry for them to change it then when they change it you cry about the way they changed it and when they change it back you cry about that too.Modern gamers remind me of babies they wake up and cry. They have no idea what is really bothering them but they cry anyway even if it really nothing. And now people are crying about a MP for LTOU that we haven't even seen yet. So premature crying and moaning too.And when you tell them to stop being such anal killjoys they cry about that too.
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ChloeHauser23   858d ago | Spam
Fire1792  +   858d ago
It would be a sin to not have a straight up survival mode with nonstop hordes. Kinda like Call of Duty zombies, the game ends, when you die.
Belking  +   858d ago
Maybe but most people will get it for the SP experience. I know I will.
Picnic  +   858d ago
I don't want multiplayer if it gives them less time to make the single player look as good as it could - or if it gives them less people to work on Uncharted 4. Mutiplayer is what is expected from Uncharted nowadays but you don't have to bust a gut to put it in all your games. They could release the multiplayer part much later if they really want to include it.

Sorry but it feels to me that the ending of Uncharted 3 may have been compromised. It was like a deja vu of the second game. It's still a decent game, just a bit more gimmicky in the way that it throws things at you to cover all the bases than the second game was. Lovely ocean sections though, perhaps the high points of Uncharted 3 were more thrilling than part 2 but because part 3 feels so puzzle heavy early on you're not as inclined to revisit it.
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aim4dabushiz  +   853d ago
well they usually have different teams working on these things so I don't think one affects the other
PhoenixRising37  +   858d ago
The last of us could have a lot of things.
arabiensoldier  +   858d ago
honestly, one thing they should definitely have is a "horde" style mode for this game. That would be pretty Epic.
supergravity  +   858d ago
I'm getting it for the single player experience. I'll give the multiplayer a try, but for me it's an after-thought when it comes to a Naughty Dog game...Can't wait to play through what I'm sure is another splendidly scripted story by the extremely gifted and talented staff @ Naughty Dog.
aim4dabushiz  +   853d ago
Interested in seeing how the game mechanics translate into multiplayer... Any teasers out yet!?
aim4dabushiz  +   853d ago
Well the MP will succeed if they don'y include the travesty that plagues most MP'er games nowadays: K/D, Leaderboard and W/L ratios, that encourage kids to play like Bi*ches!!!

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