DPAD Disgaea 3 Preview

The game takes place in a school for demons called Maritsu Evil Academy. It's a school for demon students so you have to pull pranks, skip class, and not do homework. The students who fail are the ones who go to school on time and do their homework. Confused? Don't worry, you're not alone. The story is about a particular Demon student named Mao who is top of his class, basically the king of mischief. But when a student named Beryl who's also the top delinquent hears of Mao's success, it becomes a journey for both of them to get on the path of being the ultimate "Demon Delinquent" and earn the title of "hero."

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ruibing3683d ago

A potential 4 million hour playtime is insane. I played through the two previous Disgaeas and they have almost no end. This a series of games that would never be finished in a marathon (unless you skip through all the sidequests).

4,000,000 hours => 166,666 days => 456 years

lodossrage3683d ago

The gameplay factor of the disgaea series is IMMENSE. They may not have ever had the best in graphics. But, when it comes to fun, content, humor, and gameplay, disgaea has its competition beat.

Day 1 purchase for me :)

Bebedora3682d ago

It's not a milion seller but [email protected] lot of fun. Underappreciated? You bet.