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2012 EDGE awards

The results are in for EDGE magazine's 2012 awards. Categories include "Best Game", "Publisher of the Year", and a whole slew of alternative selections. (3DS, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Walker  +   619d ago
Sigh, HALO 4 :( !
BanBrother  +   619d ago
I couldn't find Halo 4 on there. I just have a lost of like 10 games that are "best games". Never once did I see a 'winner'. Why is that? (Tally voting??).
Blastoise  +   619d ago
"Alternative Awards

Emptiest Promises – Peter Molyneux"

A worthy winner lol

Looking forward to seeing what's in the cube, I'm sure it's going to blow my mind /s
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masa2009  +   619d ago
It's NOT on rails! I swear it's not!
Peter really outdid himself promise-wise this year.
Awesome_Gamer  +   618d ago
I'm dissapointed Max Payne 3 isn't in the top 10 best games..
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masa2009  +   619d ago
No Mark of the Ninja, have a hard time believing it's not at least a Top 10 game.
landog  +   619d ago
for me;

far cry 3
torchlight 2
halo 4
planetside 2
diablo 3
borderlands 2
guild wars 2
x com
tera online
chivalry medival warfare (game is so cool)
cs go

lol...woops....went way over 10, lots of great games this year!
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j-blaze  +   619d ago
where is Halo 4, Dragon's Dogma, RE: Revelations? how can a game that's about 3 hrs, you play for once and quit be among the best 10 games of the year? i can't even call Journey a freaking GAME! and i still have to figure out what's so great about Borderlands 2... eh whatever edge
Blastoise  +   619d ago
Well, according to you

The worst games of 2012 were...
Sorcery, Twisted Metal, Starhawk, PS All Stars, LittleBigPlanet Karting

The Last of us cover art is bad

God of war is really boring and Sony should Retire the series

85% of the Vita's games sucked

Capcom is regretting that Okami is PS3 exclusive

and Journey isn't even a game and doesn't deserve to be in top 10.
I could go on...but it's pretty obvious you are just a Sony hating troll. I don't know why it bother's you so much anyway, It was 9th out of a list of 10.
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Ezz2013  +   619d ago
" Best Visual Design
1. Journey "

well deserved
jtdg_b8z  +   619d ago
"Most Hastily Gathered Talent – 343 Industries"

343 was started in 2007, 5 years to gather employees and make a game isn't hasty.
AKS  +   618d ago
If anything this year was hasty or sudden, I think it would be Ubisoft suddenly appearing about a month ago and releasing two huge titles and snatching up Publisher of the Year. I hadn't bought an Ubi game for quite some time, and all of a sudden there they are.
SoapShoes  +   619d ago
Twisted Metal and other great games from the beginning of this year are never mentioned. It's always a popularity contest with these awards.
Hicken  +   619d ago
Saddest Dog Murder, lmao.
r21  +   618d ago
Those alternative awards XD Who knew EDGE had a sense of humor :'D

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