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John from We Got This Covered wrote:

The jump to the third dimension has been quite the journey for gaming icon Sonic the Hedgehog. Though initial titles such as both Sonic Adventure games on the Dreamcast were well-received back in the day, many of the titles that followed, from Sonic Heroes to Sonic Unleashed, suffered from various issues in gameplay and control that led to poor critical receptions. Thankfully, Sonic seems to be making a comeback these days, if the more positive responses to Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations are any indication.

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Septic1955d ago

I didn't even know this existed.

That's probably a good thing.

eferreira1955d ago

This game is far from a 3/5

Psychonaughty1955d ago

Yeah it's more 1/5, please stop churning out crap like this please Sega.

Gizaru1954d ago

The game is not nearly as bad as most people make it out to be. It actually had a lot of new and interesting experimental mechanics which make it a very unique fighting game experience. The characters were fairly balance and had a lot of diversity once players learn the basics of the game which, sadly, not many people do. I think the game deserve nothing lower than a 3/5. Its a decent unique fighter at a great price.