GameSpy - GDC 08: BioWare Interview

Miguel Lopez of GameSpy writes: Mass Effect is a worthy topic indeed. BioWare was hosting demo sessions of the PC version at the Game Developers Conference today, and it looked quite slick. But pardon us if we don't choose to change the topic altogether when we get in a room with the venerated studio's esteemed founders. You see, BioWare has an MMO under construction, and while we were well aware that the word was mum regarding the particulars, we thought we might try to pick the good doctors' brains about the big ideas surrounding its development.

Doubtless many fans are holding daily candlelight vigils in the hopes that this MMO will indeed turn out to be based in the Old Republic era of the "Star Wars" universe.

GameSpy: No one's really figured out multiplayer storytelling yet, especially in a persistent world. Your fans will probably expect you guys to be the first to really tackle it. Do you guys have a plan?
Muzyka: Definitely. When you say it and I imagine it, it gives me a chill down the back of my spine, because that's what we're trying to do.

Zeschuck: We can't really talk about the mechanical details, but you nailed it in the sense that we're trying to figure out a way where you can actually have a fun, social experience, and enjoy a story together.

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Silellak3833d ago

This is great, and all, but it sure would be nice to know what the GAME is actually going to BE.

Mass Effect MMO? Star Wars? Something else entirely?

The people need to know!

(PLEASE Mass Effect. That universe is so rich and just waiting to be explored.)