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Neoseeker: Hitman: Absolution is an unfortunate step in the wrong direction for IO Interactive. The influence of Kayne and Lynch and modern stealth action games is clear, but the result is a muddied, incoherent experience that left me questioning why the game was branded Hitman at all.

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ElDorado1918d ago

Before we go criticizing this writer, let's read why he thinks the game isn't good. I can see see his irritations, but I think he got so irritated by the game that he completely forgot the good points. It's his experience, so I can't blame him for thinking the game is less. I don't think this is a troll review, just someone who thinks the game isn't that good. I think the game is easily a 8.5/9, but this is not a bad review.

Cam9771918d ago

Exactly, because opinions are somebody's opinion I believe anomalous reviews shouldn't be shafted for being different. The game is fantastic, though.

FriedGoat1918d ago

The reviewer is correct, this game is a step backwards in the hitman series.

boldscot1918d ago

I haven't managed to complete it yet but for me it's a decent stealth action game but a bad Hitman game. Easily the worst of the 5.

Brian1rr1918d ago

This was my first hit many game and I loved it. Why some of you hate it?

boldscot1918d ago

I don't hate it, you would have to play the previous games to see why people are upset with the current entry.

anticooper1917d ago

ive played all the hitman games, and i think absolution is superb,maybe the best in the series so no hate from me:-) Peace:-)

Hasanhastam1918d ago

Because absolution is not hitman game just bullsh*T STEALTH game.

Brian1rr1918d ago

What was different on the other games? Was it more or less stealthy?

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