10 Things Wii Want From Zelda Wii U

Now that the Wii U has been adopted by many homes across the globe, we’re already looking to the future to ask “What can we expect from the console?” It goes without saying that Nintendo’s strength lies within its own mascots, the Marios, the Kirbys, the… Ice Climbers? These ‘triple A’ titles are often the ones that demonstrate the true potential of the hardware. So it’s no surprise that talk of a new Legend of Zelda title has already started. Well the wait continues here as we discuss what we what we want to see, hear and, most importantly, play.

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NintyJazz1678d ago

Can wii stop using Wii every time wii want to say we?

Knight_Crawler1678d ago

Wii wiill not stop and U should bii grateful that Nintendo is giving U a better Wii experience wiith the Wii U.

OneAboveAll1678d ago

It's 2012, how about some damn voice actors for a change. I'm too lazy to read.

Xof1678d ago

I'd suggest either A) growing the **** up, or B) finding a hobby more palatable to your meager abilities.

Nevers0ft1678d ago

For most games I'd agree, but I think I'd be a bit weirded-out of Link suddenly got all chatty. So although I think a Zelda game would benefit from some spoken dialogue, I'd like our protagonist to remain mostly silent.

Deku-Johnny1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Voice actors in Zelda wouldn't be too bad as long as Link didn't speak, we don't want another repeat of Other M.

Kennytaur1678d ago

Then watch a film or listen to the radio. I for one is pro-text bubbles.

Kennytaur1678d ago

Then watch a film or listen to the radio. I for one is pro-textbubbles.

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prototypeknuckles1678d ago

1-voice actors, just leave link silent
2-fast travel from anywhere (kind of like in darksiders 2)
3-better horse controls
4-agreed please no motion controls
5-not really needed but some actual combos for combat.
6-please dont be generic and add blood, and grittiness, like most franchises these days, keep it traditional.

Mykky1676d ago

Agree with a lot of what you said though hearing Ganondorf talk would feel a bit weird, at least for me.
There was fast travel in Twilight Princess but I felt it took away a lot of the joy walking around in the field when u knew u could just teleport.
Skyward Sword's motion controller was fantastic! Don't see why people is against it when it is done right, like in SS.

Kos-Mos1678d ago

The atmosphere in Zelda is uncomparable because of exactly the silence.

Tctczach1677d ago

I wish they would add a mode with no hud and harder puzzles. Dark souls difficulty(kind of joking but it sounds fun actually). Like they take fairies out and no hearts pop out of the grass. Same art style and everything just not a child's difficulty. Thats all I want.

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