Gamespot GDC '08: Street Fighter IV Updated Hands-On

Gamespot's Randolph Ramsay writes: The first public unveiling of Street Fighter IV was only a few days ago in Japan, but Capcom's rushed some full arcade units all the way to the United States this week to show off the newest entry in the venerable fighting franchise at the Game Developers' Conference in San Francisco. We wasted no time in jumping on the game to pull off some fast hadoukens, and it's immediately clear that Street Fighter IV sticks closely to the tried-and-true mechanics of previous entries in the series and is particularly reminiscent of Street Fighter II.

Those worried that this game treads into Street Fighter EX territory need not fret--Street Fighter IV is well and truly a 2D brawler, even though the characters and environments are presented in highly-detailed 3D. The only time the game ever breaks out into a 3D view is for small cinematic animations when characters perform their specific ultra combos. The characters themselves all move extremely fluidly even at this stage.

We're still keen to hear more about Street Fighter IV, including exactly what the storyline is and how many more new characters we can expect.

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Fishy Fingers3680d ago

aahhhh man.... it sounds kick ass! I had my doubts when i first saw they new style but its beginning to grow on me!

DarkSniper3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Does anyone know if M. Bison(Vega in Japan) will be present in this game?


BloodySinner3680d ago

He has not been confirmed yet. However, I cannot remember the last time Bison was not featured in a Street Fighter game.

DarkSniper3680d ago

Street Fighter III. M. Bison was sorely missed from all of the elite Bison users across the world. Including Dark Sniper.