PS Vita : Games Coming in January 2013

Now that we're embarking on a new month, you may want to know more about the games coming out, This article will remind you of all the PS Vita games coming out in January.

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JoGam1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I decided to play the Vita version first even though its Cross-buy. Which reminds me, I need to get a 32gig memory card. They're just to expensive now.

sdozzo1953d ago

You have a PS3... I just keep stuff stored there along with game downloads. Sucks sometimes but better than spending that $100.

ABizzel11953d ago

@JoGam & sdozzo

Who are you telling. I'm one of those people who has to have everything with me. I don't like having to store my Vita games on the PS3, simply because I hate having to choose which ones get deleted from the Vita when it's time to add something new. But after storing all those PS3 games, PSN games, PS Vita games, PS1 games, PS Minis, and now PS+ games my PS3's 500GB HDD is maxed, so I need to buy a new PS3 HDD as well.

On top of that we have the flood of games coming in Jan. - May 2013. TImes are going to be hard on the wallet :(

But Best Buy is selling the 32GB Vita memory card for $80. So you can save a bit if you buy it now.

ThanatosDMC1953d ago

$80 on newegg... but shop around and you might find a better deal.

ABizzel11952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Trust me I have. Endlessly ;(

Irishguy951953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Just got PS+ deal...Gravity rush, uncharted GA and about 5 other games including Arkham city for free.

So happy I got PS+ now. That's about 10 'good' games I got for €37 or so(deal on it ha)

mafiahajeri1953d ago

Arkham city is a stupid offer because I'm sure most people who got plus already have the game but the people who don't are lucky.

d0nT wOrrY1953d ago

And what makes you so sure about that? I didn't have the game before it's available on PS+

sdozzo1953d ago

Love the vita. Love the sleep function.

Welshy1953d ago

Was one of my favourite functions on the PSP too. Could sit on my breaks at school playing GTA: Liberty City Stories, then just hit the power button to put it to sleep when the bell rand and resume exactly the spot i left off when i get home.

The OS is silky smooth at doing this on Vita, i often forget mines is on sleep for days, hit the PS button, peel the lock screen and BAM i'm standing in the middle of the swamp ready to roll in AC: Liberation just like that =)

Y_51501953d ago

When I sleep, my Vita sleeps. When I wake up, my Vita wakes up. I love it because the battery doesn't seem to drain at all wile it sleeps.

Vita is Life

TheGrimOfDeath1953d ago

So when you die and someone else takes your Vita, doesn't that mean the Vita is infinite life?

MGRogue20171953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Oh... Just one game?? was expecting there to be more than that lol

I'll enjoy it on my Vita though :)

Gamesgbkiller1953d ago

Hmm .. so that why they pushed it back .
Still a good thing

Godchild10201953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I believe Japan has a lot more retail releases for January. With that said, R&C for the Vita is a download and not a retail item.

I plan on buying the PS3 disc next month, so I can have with title at the same time.

jwk941953d ago

No, this list isn't accurate.

poo3429472947921953d ago

sweeeeeet vita gets one game,,,,,question is what game should I get lol

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