5 Gaming Challenges That Exist Just To Enrage You

GP writer Jared discusses five challenges in certain games that seemingly exist only to enrage players in the end.

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TopDudeMan1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

When i saw ffix tagged I thought they were gonna talk about getting excalibur, which involves getting to the endgame in under 20 hours, then finding the sword in a very secret area.

I haven't tried but the closest i got was around 27 hours.

I_am_Batman1797d ago

I've replayed FFIX recently and I managed to impress 100 nobles after like 8 times trying or so. I don't say it's easy cause it's not but there are tougher challenges in the game like the ropejumping.

TopDudeMan1797d ago

Oh, dear, the ropejumping!!! Gives me nightmares already.

MRMagoo1231796d ago

I didnt have a problem with the rope jumping at all it was all just timing.

MRMagoo1231790d ago


ok i did have a problem with it lol some ppl are so stupid its not funny, if you find pressing a button hard maybe gaming isnt for you.

Kratoscar20081797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

This guy never tried the 1000 jumps in the rope game, thats just imposible!

FFX dodge Lightning wasnt hard like the chocobo race for Tidus last weapon.

greatcrusader441797d ago

Man I don't know how many times I tried to win that race in OoT, at least 2 hrs went into it until I realized it was unwinnable.