Top 5 Worst HD Remasters ( The Top 5 Worst HD Remasters is exactly what you think it is, five titles that somehow managed be worse than what came before it. There are two types of modern day updates one can do with an old classic, one is to simply get the game running and update assets where needed which is basically a new coat of paint on an old framework. The other is a full on remake which tries to stay faithful to the original yet is running on new code.

During the course of this list you’ll see examples of both methods at remastering a classic, you’ll also see how you can screw it up. The games mentioned here are so bad that you wish the developers had just got the original version running without making a single change.

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Snookies121986d ago

Man that last picture is horrifying lol! Eye teeth! D:

I agree with these though. Especially for the Ninja Turtles one. I LOVED Turtles in Time, but when I tried the demo of that one, I quit half way through... It was a real disappointment. I'd just gotten Bionic Commando Rearmed too, and it was so amazing. That's an example of an HD remake done right.

showtimefolks1985d ago

how about resident evil 4 HD? capcom has done some lazy ports, also DMC hd is not that great

UBI did a poor job with prince of persia,and splinter cell

sony has done some excellent ones, i hope that hitman HD collection is good

jc485731985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

none of the HD Collections are perfect, but Silent Hill HD takes the cake for being the worst having all kinds glitches and crashes.

I really agree on the HD Remix of Street Fighter by far the ugliest character designs ever. I wish Capcom stopped using that artist for video games.

guitarded771985d ago

Yeah, and Code Veronica was even worse than the RE4 HD port. I'd swap it out for Ninja Turtles... At least Turtles was good for local co-op.

Awesome_Gamer1985d ago

ICO & Shadow of The Colossus HD is the best collectiom imo, I didn't encouter any problems and the game looked rather good. The Jak & Daxter, Tomb Raider and MGS collections weren't that bad too, they were good enough.

Larry L1985d ago

I guess I'm the only person who LOVED Turtles in Time Re-Shelled. Obviously the SNES version is stilll the best due to the extra content and in a game like this content is KING, but I like Re-Shelled better than the original arcade version since it's the same content and I do prefer the gameplay of Re-Shelled. My problem with Re-Shelled was that since they were taking liberties anyway, why not take the opportunity to add more content? The original was long enough for arcades, but not for home play. At the very least they should have remade all 3 arcade games in one package. With more content I think people would have looked past the new art style.

My only issue with SF2HD was they didn't give us the option for the original backgrounds as well, which this author pointed out. But I didnt mind the new style either. In fact I was wishing back then that they'd give the same art treatment/HD Remix to MvC2. I think that art style would have looked amazing skinned over MvC2.

The worst HD remake or remaster so far is clearly RE4, because they didn't DO anything. All Capcom did was re-release the same game. IMO the only reason it looks any better at all is because we're playing it on HD screens and the code is optimized to display in HD. But they didn't put any real work into the release. It was just a cash grab taking advantage of the HD remake/remaster craze.

Tetsujin1986d ago

I wasted my money on Re-shelled, and Super SF2 Turbo HD wouldn't be so bad if they allowed CPS1 soundtrack at least.

Bionic Commando Rearmed wasn't too bad, however I wish Capcom allowed for the original version to be downloaded with it to show how different the older game is compared to now; with a translated version of the original JP version called "Top Secret: Hitlers revival!"

iamnsuperman1986d ago

Medal of Honor: Frontline. They said it was a HD remaster but it wasn't. It was just the same game but released on a HD console. What also made it worse is they never bothered to fix the areas frontline needed fixing.

Welshy1985d ago

Like the guys having crazy Ratchet and Clank style enemy faces, only with less pixels that Solid Snake in MGS1?

I had great memories of that game but... *shivers* ... never again.

If your going to HD remaster something, do it right like MGS HD or Prince Of Persia

Cam9771985d ago

In addition, it has audio cutouts that weren't in the original and the arm disappeared when aiming down the Garand's iron-sight. I sold MOH 2010 and decided to stick to the original MOH:F, a superior release.

Another downright abysmal HD collection was the Silent Hill one, need I say why?

cochise3131986d ago

I loved the street fighter 2 remix.

Tainted Gene1985d ago

me too. It was actually my first XBL purchase back when I first joined. Bleeping awesome game with great online

specialguest1986d ago

I gotta agree with the writer when it came to the new art style of SSF2T HDR. However, the game was a very nice hold off until SSF4 was released. My biggest complaint with SSF2T HDR was the horrible netcode.

PurpHerbison1986d ago

HD Remix was definitely a nice treat.

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