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What the Hell is The Phantom Pain?

Okay, maybe it’s not worth a “What the Hell is?” but I feel compelled to talk about this recently announced game. People have been talking their heads off about a game that many of us know virtually nothing about. The game became public knowledge after the Spike VGAs and caused mass speculation. However, thats all it is at the moment: speculation. If you want a break down regarding why people think it’s a Metal Gear Solid game, click here. If you want to know more about Moby Dick Studio’s own “Joakim Mogren,” click here. The former is an investigation, while the latter is… we’ll call it speculation for George’s sake. However, beyond this information, the rest is anyone’s guess. How many predictions about this game can we have? Not enough! I have a few theories of my own and I am going to share them with you fine folk. (Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS Vita, PS3, The Metal Gear franchise, Xbox 360)

The_Infected  +   490d ago
"What the Hell is The Phantom Pain?!"

It's a game of coarse! Jokes aside i don't care what anyone says it looks like a Metal Gear game even if its not.
NukaCola  +   490d ago
The title refers to a patient who loses a limb but still feels the pain psychologically. Liquid's arm in fact. Or the lost of Boss's eye but I think this is the story of the clones. The website is bogus, and its a viral ARG. I may be MGS V, Ground Zeroes or something else, but its a MG title. This we can be sure of.
vork77  +   490d ago
we wont know if it is a metal gear game until we hear the main guy speak if he sound like snake its a metal gear game
The_Infected  +   490d ago
C'mon he looks just like him what more do we need?
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punisher99  +   490d ago
Personally I think this is a spin off game from the MGS series that stars snake. Not the real Solid snake but another clone.
MmaFan-Qc  +   490d ago
uh, its about liquid, and all the crazy shits we see in the trailer is probably the young p.mantis messing around?
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CDzNutts  +   490d ago
Liquid was dead before they took his arm and attached it to Ocelot. So I don't see how a story about him.....ALIVE.....with his arm gone is even possible.
dboyc310  +   490d ago
It has to be a metal gear game. I've never played any of them so the whole trailer was just to much confusing because I had no idea what the hell was going on. If people have found so many links to the mgs series then it has to be one.
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colonel179  +   490d ago
I do believe that it is just a viral campaign for Ground Zeroes and nothing else.
The_Infected  +   490d ago
Yea I think so also. When I seen the trailer I said that's Metal Gear Solid for sure and then it said "The Phantom Pain" and I was like WTF?!
Yangus  +   490d ago
Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

Look this video 07:12.
From "FOX," two phantoms were born.

This scene only a dream for Ground Zeros.
CDzNutts  +   490d ago
Good call. Not sure if you're right about it being a dream sequence.....but with what you just pointed out I'm more convinced the two games are related.
DarkBlood  +   490d ago
Soldierone  +   490d ago
I think it will be hilarious if it isn't MGS and the studio is just like "WTF! We reveal this trailer and all our effort goes to MGS!?!"
rpd123  +   490d ago
I've been saying it's Metal Gear Solid for the Vita. At least that's what I hope it is.
tubers  +   490d ago
Someone told me "Uvita" whale is a hint.

DonMingos  +   490d ago
Wow... didn't see that coming... that is really a good point...

in fact the Uvita whale tail is very similar to the one in the Moby Dick Studio's logo.



At this point I am almost sure it is MGS for the Vita.

There is always a Sony exclusive announcement at the VGA, except for this year... or was it?
rpd123  +   490d ago
Holy God, didn't even know about that. I'm really excited that it's a Vita exclusive now. I'd love a MGS game on the go and I know it will be good. So hopefully we'll be seeing Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain exclusively on Vita.
coolmaster  +   490d ago
whales on fire...gotta love this game =D
Brownghost  +   490d ago
crawling simulator.
delboy  +   490d ago
It's developed by thet mgs dude,offcors it's a mgs game.
Mgs dude couldn't make anything else even if his live would depend on.
That's way Platinum games is developing Raiden.
DonMingos  +   490d ago
better be the MGS Dude than the N4G dude... At least he acomplished something that will be his legacy and remain even after he dies... not everyone can say that about themselves..

Oh... And Zone of the Enders and Policenauts say hi!
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zerocrossing  +   490d ago
ZOE is ridiculously underrated, one of the best giant mech games ever IMO.

I love MGS as much as the next fan, but it'd be nice to get a ZOE 3...
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vork77  +   490d ago
the main character look like big boss from metal Gear solid after he got his eye shot
Prcko  +   490d ago
i really don't know what is phantom pain,and i really don't care
NarFan  +   490d ago
why are you here then?
theDECAY  +   490d ago
You're a fail.
chriski333  +   489d ago
Ok good for u
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   490d ago
Honestly, I am one of the people who kinda wish that it wasn't Metal Gear Solid 5 because I have never seen a "modern military survival horror", a direction that can pave the way to a brand new option in delivering fear to the gaming front.....
zerocrossing  +   490d ago
Funny you should mention Phantom Pain looking like a "modern military survival horror" Kojima has stated interest in developing a Silent Hill game, so maybe Phantom Pain will be a way for him to scratch that itch whiles building on and adding to MGS universe.
SandWitch  +   490d ago
I watched The Phantom Pain trailer at night on my VITA and actually... It was quite scary. I'm not kidding, that soundtrack would fit a horror game trailer very well.
Aghashie  +   490d ago
Indeed interesting theory my dear Watson. Now that I know this, the whale sequence makes sense in the video. Uvita (you-vita), never see that one coming.

*this was meant to be a reply on TUBERS comment. don't know why it was posted down here*
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Tzunoy  +   490d ago
I just farted.
josephayal  +   490d ago
Phantom Pain XBOX 360 EXCLUSIVE
Shotcalm  +   490d ago
i hope this isn't a handheld title as i hate hadheld consoles...

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