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Games that should be: Fatal Frame for Wii U

Lynk Former writes:

We’ve all come to this conclusion already as soon as a lot of us saw the Wii U GamePad for the very first time. It was either this or the next instalment of Pokémon Snap that was floating around in our imaginations… or both. Either way, we all knew that Fatal Frame for Wii U had to happen because it really is such a perfect match made only possibly by ghosts… most likely. (Fatal Frame, Wii U)

for we are many  +   639d ago
This needs to happen, it'll benefit greatly from the GamePad. If Fatal Frame gets released exclusively for the Wii U (as it's been rumored) along with Resi Revelations HD, it'll make the Wii U a destination for fans of survival horror games like myself (just finished ZombiU and it's an excellently executed and unforgettable true horror experience).
lazyboyblue  +   639d ago
Already in development.
1upgamer99  +   638d ago
Yet another IP Nintendo owns (partially) and is pretty darn good!
Pozzle  +   638d ago
Hurry up and make a new Fatal Frame game please, Tecmo! (one that actually gets released in the West)

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