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Submitted by Jsynn7 1148d ago | opinion piece

Assassin's Creed 4: What we want to see

It's likely that there'll be another semi-sequel set in the Assassin's Creed 3 timeline, but what about the future? The next generation of consoles is almost upon us, and the next proper Assassin's Creed sequel will have shiny new hardware to show off. But what do we want from it? (Android, Assassin's Creed, iPad, iPhone, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Ubisoft, Wii U, Xbox 360)

theWB27  +   1148d ago
I'd like a more eccentric main character...although they've been great they have all been pretty subdued people. Stop with the tutorials at the beginning also...we know how to play this game especially since the mechanics have largely been the same. But I'd really like a more eccentric the victorian era.
ab5olut10n  +   1148d ago
maybe a protagonist beginning to suffer the insanity effects of the animus? the devs could play with your perception of reality, almost like eternal darkness.
theWB27  +   1148d ago
I like it...not go over the top with it..but little hitches in the animus. Dracula was around that time so yea..but please keep it Assassins Creed in the end.
toxic-inferno  +   1148d ago
Victorian London is my personal favourite idea. The idea of having Jack the Ripper as part of the story would be fantastic. And having horse-drawn carriages being pulled along the windy, cobbled streets of London, as rain batters on the rooftops would be a fantastically atmospheric setting for Assassins Creed.
HebrewHammer  +   1148d ago
Don't make the first 5 hours an irrelevant bore - that'd be a start...
strange1986  +   1148d ago
Also, courier and collection missions just need to go away completely. They're lazy and pointless. I don't see any reason for them to exist at all.
ChipChipperson  +   1148d ago
For me( and this is if they decide to continue with Desmond), but improve his story and segments more. Compared to Altair, Ezio, and Connor, his story is just left a bit uninteresting at times and gameplay wise, you're just left saying to yourself "Let me back into the Animus please".
shivvy24  +   1148d ago
I finished the game today , it was completely awesome from start to finish , I dont know why ppl hate the ending or the earlier parts :/
gaffyh  +   1148d ago
Personally I hope they don't make any more, AC3 was a bad game, so disappointing, and repetitive, the series peaked at Brotherhood, and has been downhill since then.

Give us a new franchise for next gen UbiSoft
Bowzabub  +   1148d ago
Anyone else notice the female assassin from Japan in the animus journals?
Brian1rr  +   1148d ago
Well she was on Embers video
Tdmd  +   1148d ago
Better... everything. Real combat, real stealth.
toxic-inferno  +   1148d ago
I definitely agree with the stealth aspect. Hasn't been the same since the first game in my opinion... They should really take a leaf out of Arkham City in terms of combat and stealth.
Tdmd  +   1148d ago
Yes, it could be really remarkable if it just cold take some hints from AC!
ProblemChild  +   1148d ago
Am a south african gamer and am a big fan of Ac series I love them all and being a south african I really think ubisoft should set the game during apartheid era of south african history which is really rich and some of the greatest men like Nelson Mandela and Desmond tutu who could be used as characters that help the assassin met his goal the game could be set in cape town or anywhere in south africa. It would be a major change and bring some thing that people weren't expecting because a Brazilian or even a Asian setting would suck. Just saying.
UnholyLight  +   1148d ago
Make the game more like AC II. The new one fucking sucks, worst one by far, and Connor is a terrible character. After Altair and Ezio, how the hell could Connor possibly hold a candle to them? He's just a piss poor character and not interesting at all.

Let's go back to a cool time period in history and go back to Europe, or Asia.
rpd123  +   1148d ago
Yes, because Altair was such a compelling character. And the only reason people like Ezio more is because he had 3 games worth of development. At the end of AC2, he was developed the same amount as Connor is now.
claud3  +   1147d ago
Historical more than anything else

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