PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - Playstation All Stars Batte Royale DLC Preview

IGN writes:

"Gravity Rush's Kat, Starhawk's Emmet Graves and a Heavenly Sword/WipeOut stage are coming soon to All-Stars. Come see what's in store."

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Neo-Axl1950d ago

That stage.. looks.. Insane.

r211950d ago

Saw plenty of Kat and I cant wait to play as her :D Need to see more Emmet though.

Sevir1950d ago

I love how Kat looks and plays... Can't wait!

kratoz12091950d ago

Man i wanna play on that stage :D

majiebeast1950d ago

Love how Superbot listened to the fans and kept dusty with Kat the entire time not just for supers.

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