Wii gives you double vision: Are two screens really better than one? Nintendo has finally caught up with the rest of the world: the Wii U offers HD graphics, and games look similar to PS3 games, just in time for Sony to ditch that and bring out a new console next year.

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Nevers0ft1985d ago

About as accurate as every other Daily Fail article... As shallow as a puddle and oblivious to the fact that the Wii U has an Internet browser: "The 6.2in screen isn’t as HD as top-end tablets, but you can watch Lovefilm and Netflix on it – although Nintendo’s ‘child-safe’ approach means there’s no ‘proper’ internet"


Pushagree1985d ago

I find it interesting that the wiimote is in the pic when it didn't even have enough practical uses to carry over to the wii U. Nintendo is just about creating fads rather than creating things that people actually need in gaming now. I can guarantee this tablet idea won't make it to the next generation either.

Nevers0ft1985d ago

But the Wiimote DID carry over to the Wii U. Out of the games I have I can confirm that Sonic Racing, Super Mario, ZombiU (in two player), Tekken, Blops2 and Trine 2 all support it... Nintendo hardly ditched it.

Unless you mean why didn't they pack one in with the Wii U? It may sound arrogant on their part but I expect they assumed most people have at least one already so they can shave that cost off the price of the SKU... How accurate that assumption is, I don't know - but I have about 6 of the blighters because I replaced a couple for my Wii with Motion+ models.

admiralvic1985d ago

The Wiimote still has practical uses, though it depends on what you do. If you play with 2 people on Mario, then you have to use 2 Wii Motes. If you want to play with another on Nintendo Land, than you need a Wii Mote (or if you want to use the sword in the zelda game, then you 100% need the wiimote). The only reason why it's NOT included is simple, they didn't want to add more cost and or imply that you're paying for pointless additions. Let me explain it this way...

In our reality we pay $300 - $350 for a Wii U, which includes the basics / minimal needed to use it. If they charged the SAME amount, but included a Wiimote, than people would think the Wiimote is factored into the cost and in turn complain about it being inflated with a product most people don't want / need.

Venox20081985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

DS proved me, that two screens are better than one already :)

BitbyDeath1985d ago

Big difference is those screens are the exact same size.

SilentNegotiator1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Well, ABOUT the same size.

And directly next to each other.

Venox20081985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

@silent it doesnt matter for me, other thing wii u pad screen is lot of more near than tv, so it's ok

@bitby 3ds had different size screens, i'm ok with them too

Welshy1985d ago

It's entirely dependant on the type of game whether dual screens work in my opinion.

In a break neck paced game like COD, every second counts and the screen becomes a hindrance pulling your attention away from the game.

While on the flip side, it's perfect for something like Fallout where it could be perfect as a permanent PipBoy 3000 to interact with without taking you away from the game.

There is no outright 1 screen is better or 2 screen better. It;s totally subjective to the players individual taste and suitability of it in the games themselves.

dennett3161985d ago

The screen takes ZERO attention away from the action in CoD because it's not actually used unless you're playing the game on the pad screen, or using the multi screen multiplayer.

Other than that, I agree with your post. The screen works brilliantly in Zombi U IMO, but not all games will require it.

RETLAWx101985d ago

That is completely false.

Agheil1985d ago

It's all about taking a consumer's focus from other products. People usually use tablets or smart phones while watching TV or Playing games. So this double screen is mean't to fill that need for a tablet so your more focus in you gaming experience. In the end they want you to buy less of anyone else's products and just buy more of theirs.

Jinkies1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Not it taking away anything from games on the PS3/360....not really, it's just another way to play but the problem is people are making it out to be the next best thing when it's not.

I'd take better graphics, better A.I, better frame rate, better perfromance over something like two screens at the end of the day because in the long term thats what I'm going to benefit from as a gamer.

hellvaguy1985d ago

For casual and quirky nintendo games, the second screen can and does in several ways add to the gaming experience.

For the latest FPS game, I see it having little or no relevance. You can change it up and use the xbox-like controllers in that instance.

dennett3161985d ago

Exactly, it's about offering different ways to play, but not necessarily cramming them all into every single game.
It's there for the developers to utilise if they think it can add to the experience. People really need to try it out before outright dismissing the system and the concept.

If you can't have fun with what NintendoLand offers in terms of multiplayer, and even inventive single player, then I really think there's something dead inside you.

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