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Submitted by Lars Cornelis 1149d ago | news

GTA San Andreas - The Introduction now for free

Rockstar Games is pretty busy publishing old GTA-media. After the releases of GTA: Vice City for iOS and GTA: San Andreas for PlayStation 3, Rockstar also released GTA: San Andreas - The Introduction for free on its own website. The Introduction was previously only available on the 2 disc soundtrack and the Special Edition of the game.

GTA: San Andreas - The Introduction introduces the story of GTA: San Andreas. In the movie, Carl 'CJ' Johnson receives disturbing news about his mother from his brother. Other characters we know from San Andreas and other GTAs, like Ken Rosenberg, Salvatore Leone and Officer Tenpenny are also in the movie. (Industry, Mobile, PS2, PS3, Xbox)

Update GTA: San Andreas - The Introduction has also been made available on Rockstar's channel on YouTube. See for details.

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claud3  +   1149d ago
nice one....Liked the video
Godchild1020  +   1149d ago
It's nice to know what happen prior to CJ coming back to Grove St and what CJ was doing before he found out what happened. Brings back memories, I need to play the game all over again. One of my favorite GTA games from RockStar.

Hopefully we will see CJ in another game from RockStar and not just make an appearance or a cameo.
farhad2k8  +   1148d ago
Am I the only one who knew about this back when the game came out? I've literally watched it 10 times prior to the re-release in 2012. Or maybe I have no life, and I'm GTA crazy. :(
optimus  +   1149d ago
I must be the only one that never played this game...maybe i will sometime next year after i'm done with grand theft auto 5.
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1149d ago
u should play san andreas first that way you have an idea of what you can expect for gta 5
optimus  +   1149d ago
Why do you say that? As far as i know all grand theft autos stand on their own. 5 is not a direct sequel to san andreas...there may be references of past grand theft games but nothing that would deviate from the main plot of the current game...besides, we already know there are 4 new lead characters in 5.
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b163o1  +   1149d ago
I'd pick it up, it'll be something to kind of take your mind off GTAV. Plus by the time you finish it, GTAV will be that much closer to a release...

I thought it was 3 main characters...
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PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1149d ago
well gta 5 is going to be very similar to san andreas,is going to be in los santos there will be bikes,jets,atvs,parachutes etc, i know the story is a complete different thing.
RuperttheBear  +   1148d ago
If I hadn't played it before now, I'd be buying it as soon as possible and playing it. It's one of the best games ever made. The only reason I could see for not wanting to play it yet is if you didn't enjoy playing great games.
optimus  +   1148d ago
"great games" are subjective, that's what they said about fallout 3 and knights of the old republic and i didn't like either of those. mind isn't on gta 5 like you might think, hence why i thought it was 4 lead characters. i don't read too much in to games that i plan to play so as not to spoil the experience... i'm more of a casual gamer nowadays so it may take me about a month or 2 to finish san andreas which i could probably find it for 20 bucks or less nowadays so i'll put it on my to do list for 2013.
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gta2800  +   1149d ago
I've beaten San Andreas many times already but this video just made me want to play it all over again. I think I will be buying the PSN one now.
Moncole  +   1149d ago
I dont believe you because no one can beat the airplane training so many times.
RayRay36  +   1149d ago
I've beat SA so many times the airplane training is a walk in the park. It was hard the first couple times. I think people over exaggerate about how hard it was tho. I mastered those missions
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goldwyncq  +   1149d ago
I did! Though it took me god knows how many hours. The PC controls were just terrible.
bozebo  +   1149d ago
Everybody seems to find a different one harder than the others. On PS2, I found the car one really hard, but it was easy on the XBOX where the boat one was hard instead. On PC there are issues with the controls almost, so they vary - the bike one is a bit of a prick. I never found the flying one hard, but that damn mission in SF where you have to shoot the delivery trucks with the RC plane... FML.
Y_5150  +   1148d ago
I forgot what was that mission about? The airplanes was a little complex but easy to control when yo get used to it. I love those airplanes, especially flying though the skies listening to the rock station. :)
tweet75  +   1149d ago
stay away from GTA on iphone it crashes on the first mission every time ...
bozebo  +   1149d ago
And yet, no less immersive than the graphics in new games.
arabiensoldier  +   1149d ago
GTA on touch just doesn't make sense to me -_-. I wish rockstar would just make an HD collection of 3,Liberty CIty Stories, Vice City,Vice city stories, San Andreas with trophy an Achievement support. Damn that sounds really good to me right now and they would sell enough before GTA 5 releases!
killnotic  +   1149d ago
Man, does this bring back memories! I still have my copy of San Andreas and I play it at least once a year. It ranks in my top five favorite video games of all time.

R.I.P. Chris Penn.
ChloeWilliams22   1149d ago | Spam
vork77  +   1149d ago
miss leading title i thought the game was free
TemplarDante  +   1149d ago
If you liked this, Go buy GTA :SA from the PSN store. I was hesitant as its a bit more expensive than other games.. but what a nostalgic trip it is! Man, that game has aged well, the ideas Rockstar had in 2004! Also, it was my 1st PS2 game I got off PSN (isnt HD) and Im playing on a 47' LG FHD LED Tv.. I was concerned how that was going to look, but after activating the texture smoothing and putting it in widescreen. It looks great.
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onandonandon  +   1148d ago
It looks awful, especially on my big screen, the controls are terrible too(not being able to change them is annoying) but I'm used to them now and have been playing it solidly for 2 days!
N4g_null  +   1148d ago
Boring game waiting on watch dogs. Even worst controls.
Plagasx  +   1148d ago
ChloeGreen22   1148d ago | Spam

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