PS3 Submitted to FCC Feb 19th 2008 for 'parts changes'

New changes (under confidentiality cloak still) are coming to the PS3.

They are 'Changing the model name and PARTS other than wireless module'...

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cloud3603712d ago

price drop just before a tetra master game and a blitzball game are released on the psn

ruibing3712d ago

My guess is a new SKU that is suppose to replace the premium 80GB model that has been phased out. The point of the FCC filing is submission of changes that will not affect the RF profile of the device, so the new device should still have the same RF capabilities as the previous PS3s.

They also seem to maintaining the change for their debugging station for the PS3, which I would assume is the diagnostic or development module for the PS3.

HowarthsNJ3712d ago

So maybe slight changes to that version?

Anego Montoya FTMFW3712d ago

coming to a theater near you. LOL.

ReBurn3712d ago

Sony constantly refines the hardware. They always have. I'm sure there will be a day when they get the components inside the system reduced to where they'll be able to reduce the form factor.

rofldings3712d ago

A PS3 slim would probably shoot up Japanese PS3 sales by about 9,001%

ReBurn3712d ago

I hope so. As much as I like the PS3 I wish it was a bit smaller.

SUP3R3712d ago

The size is the only gripe I have with the system and I am positive the slim/lite version of the PS3 along with a price drop will sell in ridiculous numbers. Hell, even I'll be buying the slim/lite even though I have a 60G.

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The story is too old to be commented.