Top 10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Also Video Game Characters

Would you like to shake hands with Snoop Dogg or be Carmen Electra for a day? Well, while it’s not possible to be Carmen Electra in real life, the good news is that you can be her virtually.

Video games give you the possibility of being your favorite celebrity, or to get to know them a little bit better.

Here are 10 famous Hollywood celebrities who are also characters in different video games.

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Y_51501804d ago

Holy crap! I didn't know Samuel Jackson was officer Tenpenny, MIND BLOWNED!

RuperttheBear1803d ago

Samuel L. Jackson has one of the most recognisable voices in the world. I don't know how you wouldn't have noticed it was him. Unless you had never heard his voice before I suppose.

GamerElite1803d ago

He was obviously being sarcastic

Y_51501803d ago

I was a kid when I played SA (Didn't care for the rating system) And I know what his voice sounds like and it was shocking in a way of *Now that you mentioned it* moment. It was better off not knowing that it was Samuel because I felt so attached to the characters in that game, they felt real.

Orionsangel1803d ago

Did you play GTA SA? and you couldn't tell that was Samuel Jackson's voice? Weird.

JR_Texx1797d ago

ever heard of sarcasm?

KangarooSam1804d ago

Like if those tatas brought you here.

Seriously though don't like this, only d-bags say that crap; I just wanted to point out that I'm objectifying her body.

TekoIie1803d ago

DUDE!!! shut duh hell up before Mika shows up :3

KangarooSam1803d ago

"You sexist a-holes!" :P

SnakeCQC1803d ago

there are tonnes more better ones that could have been mentioned like shannon sossoman in hitman absolution or kristen bell in most of the assassins creed games (lucy stillman)

Eamon1803d ago

Was expecting to see Monica Bellucci as Kaileena from Prince of Persia Warrior Within.

ApolloTheBoss1803d ago

Why does that picture make my mouth water?

bloodybutcher1803d ago

maybe you just have sialorrhea:P

ChrisW1803d ago

Who? Carmen Electra? Errrkay...

A bit more on topic though; I wish Miranda looked as good as her real life actress Yvonne Strahovski.

Yvonne, it 20Xs more hot than the character she played as.

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The story is too old to be commented.