ActionTrip: Lost Odyssey Review

The four-disc 360-exclusive could treat you to somewhere between 35 and 50 hours of gameplay. ActionTrip recommends it to JRPG fans. Should you be the kind of person who prefers western-style RPGs the likes of KotOR or Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey may feel as a slight disappointment. The immersion is there, the gameplay can be fun, but overall, Lost Odyssey fails to "go the distance" as a modern-day RPG. Whilst it offers a unique twist to the genre, it definitely lacks more content and depth to be regarded as a truly great RPG. Hardcore RPG gamers won't find it rewarding enough.

- Interesting characters
- Good presentation
- Decent voiceovers
- Immersive
- Generally fun
- Adds a nice twist to genre with its skill system &turn-based combat

- Awkward camera
- Lacks more weapons, armor and such
- Certain areas need more backdrop detail
- Can get repetitive after a while

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pwnmaster30003828d ago

this is the best rpg ever xbots were right this is going to be better then final fantasy beacause is new and different.
best rpg of the year good job 360 first dark messiah now this good job with the games

iMad3828d ago

ActionTrip who are they? Sonyfanboys. But i don't care. Lost Odyssey will sell constantly good till 2010(FFXIII release date)