HD DVD not yet dead in laptops?

Toshiba 'not yet decided' about its strategy apparently. According to Toshiba, it is undecided what to do about HD DVD drives in notebooks. TechRadar attended Toshiba's UK press launch in lovely Hertfordshire this morning and found that it hadn't quite made its mind up.

Tosh has been a bit silent on the subject of HD drives in its lappies over the past few days, pushing us from pillar to post in our quest to find the truth. But at the launch this morning, Olivier Van Wynendaele, deputy general manager of HD DVD at Toshiba, elaborated on the subject - if only a little. He said the corporation had "not yet decided" on its HD DVD strategy for notebooks since the corporation pulled the plug on the format.

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pwnmaster30003742d ago

theres always that little thing left to kill

ruibing3742d ago

Like roaches after a nuclear fallout...

meepmoopmeep3742d ago

now why would anyone want or need an HD-DVD drive. even Blu-ray. these newer high capacity discs aren't that great for data storage. especially when Flash RAM and HDD's are cheaper and more durable.

they would be stupid to have it around stilll.

dexterwang3742d ago

I have an HDDVD drive that came with my new laptop and I never ever put a HDDVD disk inside. Whats the point?

Lord Anubis3742d ago

toshiba said they would discontinue the drives from their laptops.