“Namco Worker” Shares Smash Bros 4 Rumors: Ghirahim and Ridley Playable, Nintendo Direct on Jan 31st

Prepare a truckload of salt before reading this, because you’re going to need more than a few grains.

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cpayne931985d ago

Eh, keep Ghirahim out of the game. Ganondorf is a much better character. Speaking of which, give ganondorf some of his own damn moves, why did they have to copy cpt. Falcon's moves for him?

exfatal1985d ago

wouldnt mind ghirahim in the game to be honest, but i'd really like to see Demise instead of ganodorf, al lthe more reason for Namco to give Demise his own moveset as well

Zodiac1985d ago

Ganondorf is a terrible character. He is too slow of a character, and is ranked very low tier due to him never being a character that wins tournaments.

cpayne931985d ago

No I meant he was better in terms of the character himself, not his performence in smash bros. I was saying he is the best zelda villian to be in smash bros. He does suck though, which is partly why his moveset should get a makeover.

Zodiac1984d ago

Oh, ok. Yeah, i do think he is is better as a character, but i would like Ghirahm as well. Ganondorf should get his own moves for sure. Preferably magic, and little physical attacks. He is too slow for physical attacks.

Eamon1985d ago

The source is completely bogus. The author must be desperate for hits if he's going to just quote a random post in GameFAQs

kirbyu1985d ago

A Nintendo Direct about the game in a month, yes please.
Little Mac & Takamaru, sounds nice.
K. Rool, I could care less, but that new DKC, absolutly.
Ridley, heh, maybe, he seems like he'd be too big.
Shulk, who's that?, Ghirihm, no thanks, Dillion, yeah.
Platinum Games, they haven't made anything I care about.
Yoshi character who debuts in YLWU, that'll work, Kamek or Shy Guy, also good idea.
Those stages sound cool, but maybe do Raisin Ruins instead of Cookie Country.
Also, Namco, you NEED to make Pac-Man playable. You NEED to!

deafdani1984d ago

Shulk is the main character from Xenoblade Chronicles, and he could actually be a great addition to the Smash series with his Monado Sword moves.

Blastoise1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Samus should have her fusion costume as an alternate costume

Snookies121984d ago

Didn't she already have that in Brawl? The light blue one?

Blastoise1984d ago

Nah I mean this one

the one you're thinking of is probably zero suit samus

Snookies121984d ago

Oh I know the Zero suit, but I mean this one...

It's the second one on there. She has that costume in Brawl, which is essentially her Fusion suit.

Blastoise1984d ago

Ah right. Guess it does have it. Would have been better if it wasnt just a colour swap though

Snookies121984d ago

Yeah true, Metroid Fusion is probably my favorite of the series.

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tehpees31985d ago

Ridley? Krool doesn't surprise me but Ridley is a questionable concept.

Would be freaking awesome if true but they are in for a big challenge to make him playable. I can imagine specific missions, or modes or something but how would he play?

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The story is too old to be commented.