Are Games Becoming the Scape Goat for Tragedy

As the media have started to analyze what lead up to this horrific event, the blame game has already began. National Media are already honing in on the gaming habits of the man behind the shooting.

How do you feel about this? Do you think games are in the crossfires for the wrong reasons?

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majiebeast2011d ago

Well People like to avoid the reality of the messed up world we live in, so video games make the perfect scapegoat.

dedicatedtogamers2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

This isn't anything new. In the late 80s, politicians were trying to sue and block and ban Nintendo because they were this "big evil Japanese toy company" invading our kids' lives. If you're wondering why every single videogame has a warning (Warning! Seizures! Hand cramps! Consult the manual! etc) prior to the loading screen, that's because of the American politicians in the 80s who were trying any and every way to restrict Nintendo from entering our market and they tried to use medical "science" to prove that videogames were unhealthy and needed to be regulated (hence the warning on the loading screen).

And then when Columbine occurred, the media was quick to blame a popular game from that time: Doom. Can you believe that they ACTUALLY called Doom a "murder training simulator"? Hhahaha.

Army_of_Darkness2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

A white person on a horrific murder spree= clearly was unstable and had mental issues( from to much video games or listen to "devil music" or been sexual abused as a child).
Any other nationality committing F$#Ked up shit like this= 100% terrorist...

rpd1232011d ago

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold did play a shit ton of Doom, but that's not why they did what they did. One was a psychopath, the other severely depressed. It's as if the media can't accept the fact that mentally ill people exist or commit crimes without being influenced by video games.

SilentNegotiator2011d ago


"Becoming" my A, dollar sign, dollar sign.

LocutusEstBorg2010d ago

OMG that serial killer had a red sofa at home! The red sofa caused him to subsonciously desire bloodshed every day he sat on it and drove him to a killing spree!

DragonKnight2010d ago

I know that it's B.S. to blame games for violent shootings and stuff, but maybe if we collectively got together and stopped the shooter genre from taking over everything, we'd have more quality games and variety, as well as hear less of this garbage from people just looking to push one of several agendas. Just my opinion.

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HammadTheBeast2011d ago

It was hilarious that about 100 people made ridiculous comments about Mass Effect and how it inspired the guy to kill these people because he "Liked" it. Then they found out, the Facebook profile they were looking at was the killer's brother. Honestly, some people are too stupid to exist.

rpd1232011d ago

I feel really bad for his brother. They ousted him on a national stage and every news site posted his facebook. And then people started insulting him and telling him to rot in hell, without even knowing that it was really him and despite the fact he was still posting even though the shooter was dead. That's a really shitty way to find out what his brother did.

ATi_Elite2011d ago

Yes and it just goes to show you how STUPID people are when they blame SOCIAL issues on Video Games!

Mass Murder blame video games
Stock Market crash blame video games
terrorist attack blame video games
serial killer blame video games

even though all these idiots have some deranged mental issues that were NEVER addressed and they would have done these horrific acts even if Video games never existed.

I wonder what they blamed before electricity was invented as the cause of these horrific acts....Evil!

liquidhalos2010d ago

I just think that its a sign that America isn't doing enough to identify and actively treat people suffering from mental health issues. One needs to only look at how some of the European countries approaches mental health to see just how backward the American system is (basically non-existent)

But its easier for local and federal government to fuel the fire, blaming video games, because its cheaper to force warning labels compared to the cost of creating and funding a robust team of mental health professionals, to seek out, identify and treat mentally ill people in need of help.

Even if you use the video games are evil argument you still fall back on a lack of support for mentally ill citizens. A sane person wouldn't see games as reality and use them as a reason to kill. A mentally ill person might, but that could be prevented with a robust mental health support team but instead the government is too busy trying to bring democracy to countries that don't want it wasting money that should be used to support its own citizens. So don't blame games, blame politicians for letting the people who elected them into power down.

liquidhalos2010d ago

LOL N4G is a joke man, i swear 90% of users are infants who have a giant Disagree button that they just smash all day along unless you end your message with

"My console is the bestest ever"

The serious about gaming and gaming issues users should all mass migrate to a site with a little less emphasis on bubbles, disagree - agree and top ten articles and more emphasis on games

Jaces2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

People look to blame tragedy on anything BUT themselves....the human race. Disgusting world we live in.

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maelstromb2011d ago

Hey, it's either games or music that become scapegoats. Funny how the violent BS that gets played over and over on basic TV channels like ABC, NBC, FOX, etc. NEVER EVER get called into question. But the fact is, ppl will always look outward to place blame somewhere after experiencing any sort of unspeakable tragedy, instead of looking within and asking themselves what THEY could have done to have prevented said catastrophe.

Thefreeman0122011d ago

It's just a witch hunt for media, something easy to point the finger at instead of sitting down and really taking a hard look in the mirror

ShaunCameron2011d ago

Yeah. A media who is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the government and the special-interest groups they're in bed with.

Projekt7tuning2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Your right, it is a modern witch hunt. The first two things to do after the knee jerk reaction, is to blame games and guns. And for people to be crying for their rights to be taken away in the name of "safety", is a tragedy in itself. How exactly does the media plan on having our wonderful government enforcing psychological issues and tendencies? Are we to have a thought police, that if your identified as a possible problem in the future, your to be incarcerated. How do you determine who's "normal" to begin with? I don't wanna go here for any kind of debate. But maybe if it wasn't taboo now for people in the US to have faith, and the possibility of eternal punishment. Then maybe we would get our moral compass back. But do remember, we have always had these kinds of problems. The major difference is we all have access to instant mass media now. And that allows the media to focus on just one thing to shape public opinion. But whatever. The witch hunt has begun and the media is now trying to compare the NRA to the KKK. Now that is actually scary. When will the media take responsibility for what they do and show? The news media is just as responsible for glamorizing these killers, as anything or one they try and blame.

Brian1rr2011d ago

Finally 2 people that make sense

Riderz13372011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Watch CNN have a story about this today or tomorrow where they blame video games for violence. Go F*ck yourself.

Edit - Seriously we blame video games for violence and all the bullshit that's going on in the world relating to violence and then we go and praise f*cking retards on tv like Snooki by giving them contract to new shows where they earn millions of dollars. Seriously just go F*ck yourself this is why I stopped paying for cable I can't stand watching the same bullshit over and over again.

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