Top 5 Disappointments of 2012

From the ending to Mass Effect 3 and Assassin's Creed 3 to the Wii U, Resident Evil 6, the fall of the Final Fantasy franchise and more, the 411 staff ranks their top 5 gaming disappointments of 2012!

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R6ex1593d ago

Exactly ... planned to buy the Wii U, thinking it will be next-gen. Sadly, its so last-gen.

Bought a quality gaming PC instead.

andshesays1593d ago

I was going to buy a wiiu too, but after the disappointing reviews of most of the games (besides I have a pc for steam/ps3) I decided to buy some new clothes instead!!!

fossilfern1593d ago

I was pro WiiU but after the poor launch line up I just kept my money and going to put it towards a holiday or even a year break somewhere. I will get a WiiU when a new Zelda or Metroid come out.

blackbeld1593d ago

Yep, I would like to have the Zelda package too.

So I have more time to save money for a PS4 and WiiU.

WhosYourDaddy1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

True. Unbelievably bad console.

j-blaze1593d ago

your comment reminds of ps3 when it was first launched...umm remember that? i think Wii U is doing just fine in comparison

Kran1593d ago

the % should go after the number.

otherwise you're saying:

"Wii U
percent 100 disappointment"

so... yeah. your statement is now invalid :)

EddieNX 1593d ago

100% Disagreed. Wiiu is 100% awesome. It's just launched , give the console time to grow lol.

You guys are stupid . When pikmin 3, Monster Hunter Ultimate,Bayonetta 2, Rayman legends are all on wiiu you gunna be missing out.

Your loss , not ours :)

Wiiu is awesome IMHO.

ElectricKaibutsu1593d ago

Man, N4G hates the Wii U, huh? Of course the Wii U doesn't suck, or if it did then it's certainly too early to tell. But some people here go by the notion if you say something loud enough and enough times it makes it true.

Kran1589d ago

it is a PS3 fanboy community after all.

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r211593d ago

I wouldnt call the Wii U disappointing, just not that appealing yet.

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dafegamer1593d ago

if they announce a hd zelda and 3d mario, then im all in for WiiU ;)

Snookies121593d ago

For me it would take either a new Metroid, StarFox, or F-Zero.

jslash1593d ago

"I actually don't know what it is, I only just finished Mass Effect 2 last week. But I do have in on good authority from friends that I should be angry with how the game and trilogy end, so I guess I am."

You can't include Mass Effect 3's ending in the list if you haven't freaking played it. I'm a fellow writer and it's this sort of crap that makes me understand why people have such a low opinion of us.

aliengmr1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

I do agree that commenting on something you haven't experienced isn't right.

However, based on the reaction to it, you could hardly call the ending a resounding success.

InTheLab1593d ago

Assassin'sCreed 3 is awful. I'm not talking about the bugs. The pacing is terrible. The game is still lagging behind its peers in terms of stealth. And lets not forget the biggest issue.....its just not fun.

The AC franchise is running on fumes at the point. The slow gameplay feels even slower with all of the cutscenes. The 100 per cent sync only reminds you that you are a slave to whatever bull$$$$ the developers want you to do. You're not rewarded for creativity like Deus Ex HR or Dishonored. You're stuck playing a memory which is the problem.

Im not buying another AC until they stop screwing around with memories and do something with the future and REAL stealth.

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