CVG Feature: Gears 2: Six Things We Might've Seen - But only if you looked too hard

CVG writes: The internet only chugged a little last night with the arrival of Microsoft's Gears of War 2 trailer, because everyone and their mums knew it was coming.

CVG has dissected the Gears of War 2 trailer thoroughly and picked out all of its little secrets you may have missed the first time around (or maybe not). So, magnifying glasses in hand...

1) Duel melee combat
Alright, you'd have to have the eyesight of Penfold from Danger Mouse to have missed this, but from the trailer it looks like we're in for some chainsaw duelling action in Gears 2. This, if anything, should make those frantic dashes to mash B first even more intense.

2) Crowd control
3) Water world
4) Moody Marcus
5) Red Faction
6) Goo gun

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InYourMom3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

and I agree.. Those tech shots were just a primer for Gears of War 2. Something like hundreds of Locusts and a troika gun would be just fantastic!!

How about those destructable environments as well! Wow! When they blow away the pillars and the detail in the crumbling/decay is brilliant! Epic is definately raising the bar with their latest updates to the engine and who better to show it off is the people who made it themselves with GoW 2.

Gears double owns 08

@below: Killzone what?? lol.. Sorry, but what was demonstrated in their tech demo looked way better than KZ destruction. I have much more faith in Epic to deliver the good's than Guerillla, the track record of the 2 companies speak for itself. I see you don't want me to enjoy this game, so maybe you need to lay off the fanboyishness and troll somewhere else.

Iamback3949d ago

"When they blow away the pillars and the detail in the crumbling/decay is brilliant!"- you mean same thing that was shown in Killzone 2 at E307? Same "pillars and the detail in the crumbling/decay is brilliant!"
Get you head out of your fanboyish....

games4fun3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

as blu-ray stories two stories down lo and behold its talking about the same exact thing.

imo gears is a great game and i will be happy to see the second one come out but please stop posting stories if there is no new news.

but knowing this site nobody really cares

hazeblaze3949d ago

Yea, the truth is that nothing we've seen is likely to be part of the actual sequel. Still... I think that Gears 2 is going to end up more impressive than I originally thought it would. I had grown pretty tired of the Unreal Engine lately, but Gears seems to be making some impressive leaps forward. Even if they're just now getting up to speed with what a lot of PS3 games already provided.

It'll be interesting to see how sharp the visuals are when the game comes out! Will it be the best looking game at the time, or will Epic have lost their crown?!

Odion3949d ago

if they added all of that wouldn't Gears 2 be on par with all the tech stuff that Killzone 2 has?

Fishy Fingers3949d ago

We dont know what Killzone has...

mintaro3949d ago

chainsaw duels would be crazy! they should defenitley make it part of the actual game

Salvadore3949d ago

Wouldn't it become a problem if 4 people are trying to chain-saw each other into pieces?


No problem. It happens already in a sense, he who masters the RT button (chainsaw rev) with his B button (chainsaw melee) wins the chainsaw duel currently. I can see them using the RT more, or maybe adding a combo would be slick.

Ghoul3949d ago

cant wait for the game too but saying it will offer chainsaw duels because of a rendered trailer is a bit far fetched dont you think ?

if i remind back in the days gow1 was presented via UE3 tech trailers and screens it was totall different game on some parts. so dont get to excited until someone confirms it.

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The story is too old to be commented.