1UP: Studio head gives details on This is Vegas

At the Game Developers Conference today, studio head of Surreal Software Alan Patmore spoke with 1UP about his upcoming open-world action game, This is Vegas, which is slated for release late this year.

On whether the world needs another open-world action game: "I think there's the perception that there's a lot of open-world games out there, and really there aren't. We've got GTA, which I'm really looking forward to playing. But people I know want to play open-world games. So really, you only have a handful of franchises out there. We're also totally different. We're not thug-based, and we're not crime-based. We have a unique take on open-world. I think there's a high demand for open-world games, and as a game designer, open-world is something that is creating its own genre, but the genre hasn't really been explored. It's as if we were in the first-person-shooter genre, and they were all Doom. There's a lot of room to explore...different mechanics, different gameplay, different tones."

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