10 Video Games That Got Women (And Men) Completely Wrong

WC writes: Women in games has been a heavy topic discussed in recent years. Mostly because it is assumed that representation of the female gender will attract more women to play games for the first time (or start playing again). When the game market is declining it is in the best interest of the developers to widen their audience to include the other half of the population. The gap between female and male gamers widened in the last console generation. The target audience at that time was typically teenage males, which swayed the market considerably. This was also unfortunate for older male gamers. Additionally – the gaming audience tends to be conservative, creating tension between feminist ideals and marketed themes.

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Hivemind1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

WOW, whoever wrote this needs to sit the fuck down and stop taking shit so seriously.

Godmars2901988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Was a bit lame that Femshep had no female behavioral traits. Space marine or no.

Blacklash931987d ago

As much as I find stuff like Soul Calibur women annoying and weird, the only thing you can do is tolerate it. It's like shouting at the wind to stop, there's really nothing you can do.