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Skyrim: 10 Armour Mods That Need to Be Made

WC writes: Skyrim’s popularity on PC is one based solely on mods. Sure, the game is quite good and boasts hours upon weeks of content, but after celebrating its one year birthday recently, not too many still play the base game by itself. However, luckily the PC community has access to the real gems of the game: their own. With mod tools like the Creation Kit, players can truly create anything they want in the game. Trolls with troll faces? Done. Killable children? Done. Less spiders, more unanimated bears? Done. Skyrim modders cab truly make anything their heart desires, and some players have very odd desires.

One of the most common and easy forms of modding for the game comes from creating and modifying armours in the game. Whether it be creating higher resolution textures, bringing some old favourites back from Oblivion or designing entirely new sets, modders really love to make armour. Very occasionally, a mod comes out which lets us play as our favourite characters from other... (PC, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

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