Monolith Soft: Challenging the US With Next-Gen Wii U Title

Today, one bold statement was made. One so bold that it can said that one Japanese developing team are aiming to make difference in the video game industry. The company of which I am speaking of is none other but Monolith Soft.

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nassour1987d ago

Looking forward to see what Japan has in store. They really need to wake up considering how this current gen went. If they want to get back in the game, they'll need to deliver AAA content that matches up to the current game western developers are doing

EddieNX 1987d ago

Monolith will squeeze some juice out of the wiiu and make a game that wakes the industry up :). One that will be so good , a ton of people will rush out and buy a wiiu for it and change their tune lol...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1987d ago

Wakes the industry up? Ps4 will be out by then.

Army_of_Darkness1987d ago

" Our goal is to become something like the developers of the Fallout series, Bethesda Softworks.”

So we gonna get low res, glitchy games?! LOL! Not something I'm looking forward too...

EddieNX 1987d ago

@commenters below.

No , I mean Monolith soft will deliver a game that will single handedly re invigorate JRPG's. That's actually what Xenoblade Chrociles has already done. But this time with the Amazing graphics of the wiiu being pushed and the awesome Convenience and Remote play that the Gamepad brings.

BTW - Remote Play on the gamepad is why everyone needs to own a wiiu. It feels like owning the most powerfull handheld of all time LOL!

deafdani1986d ago

What the... remote play isn't possible with the Wii U gamepad, dude. You need to stay in close range to the console in order for the gamepad to work.

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Ranma11987d ago

I heard goods things about Xenoblade, havent played it yet.

Lets hope Monolith soft becomes another Level 5 or Squaresoft producing games like Dark Cloud 3 and Xenogears

PopRocks3591987d ago

Great game with a great story. Looked beautiful, even when compared to some low to mid end 360/PS3 games. Would have looked even better on a stronger platform.

3-4-51987d ago

At least Japan still embraces colorful and good art styles.

"Art style" in western games is a matter or more grey or more brown.

ChickeyCantor1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

The reason Japan needs to redeem themselves is because they are trying to keep up way too hard with the western developers to begin with.

Why do you think they keep pushing off ips to the west ? ( Castlavania, DMC)

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Septic1987d ago

It seems to me that in this generation, a lot of bold statements are made by developers, almost on a weekly basis, so much so that they've diluted the impact such statements used to have in the past when their words were at least backed up by actions.

Although saying that, I remember I was stupid enough to fall for the hype for The Matrix videogame and how it would change gaming forever. I felt like such a fool for believing the hype the developers made when the reviews came out and when I eventually played the game.

Saying that you want to "wow players" is a pretty generic statement but here's hoping that there is substance to that. Nonetheless, it's good to know that a Japanese developer acknowledges the failings of the Japanese industry and feels pressured and driven to deliver a new HD experience on the Wii U.

Wolfbiker1987d ago

I agree but I will note that Monolith is generally very quiet.

Nodoze1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

What do you mean. I WAS wow'd by the Matrix game. It was the single worst piece of software I have ever interacted with. I said WOW out loud wondering where all those development funds ended up going (cause they certainly were not spent on developing a quality piece of software).

I think the dev team smoked the funds...


ahronith1987d ago

Were talking about Monolith Soft in Japan not Monolith in Seattle...

PopRocks3591987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Everyone has a bad game. The Monolith you're speaking of is not the same as this one.

That said the Monolith you refer to also helped give us F.E.A.R., which in my opinion was a fantastic horror-action shooter.

kesvalk1987d ago

"Our goal is to become something like the developers of the Fallout series, Bethesda Softworks."

so their next game will have a lot bugs eh?

jokes aside, they made xenoblade, i expect great things from them.

Wolfbiker1987d ago

They made Xenosaga and Beaten Kaitos, both great games. And lets not forget Xenogears.

Zhipp1987d ago

I've never actually played any of Bethesda's games, but they're renowned for their massive scale and non-linearity, right? I imagine that's the aspect he wants to duplicate--not the bugs, or lack of "artistic flair."

On another note, when was the last time a buggy first(second?) party game was released on a Nintendo, Sony, or M$ console?

Venox20081987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

actually there were two games with small bug game breaking buggs:

Zelda: skyward sword
Metroid other M

but if you wont encounter it by special conditions at special place, you'll get to the end :) but none the less I love Ninty :) I think there were some bugs on other consoles too.. other thing I love both games that I mentioned :)

Zhipp1987d ago

Yeah, I know pretty much all games have SOME of bugs, but first party games are usually a whole lot more well polished than third party ones. You don't really see "bugs galore" like you do with games like Skyrim.

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daclynk1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

i know that i will be Wowed! by the next gen game Monolith studio makes. i mean after playing Xenoblade Chronicles.With Wii U power and Gamepad the possibilities are endless.

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