GDC: Mass Effect PC demo: Joystiq Impressions

Joystiq writes: "It was once called an 'Xbox exclusive,' but after one agonizing trip into the bowels of the tedious inventory UI, we knew Mass Effect was destined for a PC makeover. (Oh, what wonders a little mouse can do!) With keyboard in tow, BioWare took us through a short demo of Mass Effect for PC, the studio's first 'EA game,' though grunt work has been passed on to a third party, Demiurge Studios."

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PS360WII3832d ago

Sounds good and I like having the ability to order your alilies individually. That would be cool. Glad the inventory screen is cleaned up and seems like it's all in all good times. Wonder if they'll be adding anything else to the table for PC users?

Anego Montoya FTMFW3832d ago

but i want this on ps3.

please, EA.

you know you want to.