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Mass Effect' Facebook Page Attacked Because Misidentified Shooting Suspect Liked It

In the wake of the terrible tragedy in Connecticut, initial reports said the shooter was a 24 year-old named Ryan Lanza. Online, people quickly located a Ryan Lanza on Facebook and searched through his profile to see if there were any "clues" they could pin the shooting on. They found their clues...but the wrong Lanza. (Culture, Mass Effect Series)

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Myst  +   993d ago
I know it was a tragic event and there was even another in China where several were stabbed in a school; but to lay blame especially on Mass Effect is quite a jump. Then again it is in the heat of the moment at this point so I take it people aren't going to even look into what Mass Effect is or even want to given that it is "linked" with the shooter. Perhaps in time the tune will change when and if they find more information that will put the pieces of the puzzle together.
Septic  +   993d ago
Yeah you're right; the media and people in general won't even bother looking into what Mass Effect is. I can already imagine the headlines now,game notorious for sexual content grooms violent behaviour in players.

Mass Effect is the gaming equivalent of the likes of Star Trek. If the media does run with it I hope someone puts them in their place.

It seems to me that the gaming medium, regardless of its recent exposure to casuals, will always be blamed for atrocities like this because it's still a medium that some people don't understand, haven't bothered to really understand and research and one that is just an easy scapegoat for people to utilise in their desperate bid rationalise the horrible actions of young individuals of this nature.
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Sykoticz  +   993d ago
Agree but i bet it was like this in the 70's when there were other in things like the yo yo. It's just games/gamers turn to take a beating at the moment because they are getting so big now.
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Mounce  +   993d ago

daggertoes83  +   993d ago
Yep here we go again... Its always easy to blame video games.
DeadlyFire  +   993d ago
Movies like Saw and Hostel are far more inspiring of murder than any video game, but still you have to be taking crazy pills to do anything like what has been done. Anti-depressants are very common cause of all of this I believe.
bicfitness  +   993d ago
Couldn't possibly be because the kid was mentally disturbed and had access to two handguns and a semi-automatic rifle - all registered to his MOM.

Wtf is wrong with people? I understand First Amendment rights, and no one is saying you don't have the "right to bear arms". But how many "arms" does one need? And an assault rifle? Wtf for?

Its pretty frickn' obvious by now that guns aren't necessarily the issue. Its the people and the access. Whenever I read something like this, I am glad to live in Canada - not just for the health care. Sure, we had an incident in Alberta not too long ago, but nothing near the prevalence of senseless gun crime that you see in the States.

I have relatives in the US and each one of them has personally experienced gun-violence. Even my 88 y/o aunt got held up for her purse outside of a church. Its despicable that sensible people can't seem to find some middle-ground or moderation in gun control legislation. Furthermore, these crimes are escalating, not decreasing in frequencey and the only solution I've heard so far is to INCREASE gun access, for protection. Here we have an example of a society destroying itself.
iamnsuperman  +   993d ago
Why Mass effect of all games :/....Right so media get wrong guy. Angry, emotional, dumb mob then looks him up and sees a video game and immediately thinks they are the worlds best detective and have deciding it is Mass Effect's fault. Right so not only is the media indulging in the killers actions but they blamed the wrong man and also put the blame on to something else (well FOX did). It seems these people should be more angry at the media than Mass Effect.
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TopDudeMan  +   993d ago
Just another wave of people who are uneducated about video games looking for something to blame.

I mean, hitler had a moustache. Does it then go to say that all people with moustaches start world wars? Should moustaches be banned?

Now, okay. The guy didn't play the game, but even if he did, it wouldn't matter. If he was unstable enough to do that just from playing a game, he'd have been unstable enough to do it after watching a movie.

Oh, and this "dumb mob" - to use your words, not mine - could have been very dangerous. What if they tracked this wrong man or a friend of his down? What would they do then? Some people's reaction to tragedy can be violence. The media would have been to blame for that.
iamnsuperman  +   993d ago
"Oh, and this "dumb mob" - to use your words, not mine - could have been very dangerous. What if they tracked this wrong man or a friend of his down? What would they do then? Some people's reaction to tragedy can be violence. The media would have been to blame for that."

I probably shouldn't have used the word dumb but anyway. I agree with you which is exactly why I hate trail by internet phenomenon which has been happening recently. In the UK we are having a big paedophile story with celebrates. Everyone on the internet said this guy was a paedophile and he was getting threatened. Even Philip Schofield jumped on the band wagon and got it totally wrong saying he got his information from the internet. Trail by internet is wrong but for some reason people do it
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goldwyncq  +   993d ago
Cause the ending was so horrible that it inspired the perpetrator to do the shooting, PERHAPS?

But seriously, games always get to be the scapegoat, never films or literature. I believe the guy was just whacked up in the head, not because of gaming or anything.
That was completely inappropriate
GanjaMan  +   993d ago
Dumb americans (like you) dont realise this is because of your stupid gun laws and how guns are easily available, did you know their are more guns shops than mcdonalds in America. Seriously how mnay more innocent people need to die before your thick goverment realises it needs to look at it's gun laws, whats that now, 3 massacres in the space of 6 months, you can't even go to a the cinema to watch a film or go to school without feeling safe now!
goldwyncq  +   993d ago
Nope, it's not the abundance of gun shops, but the lack of control and security that leads to crimes like this.
Grap  +   993d ago
i love how when ever u say u should ban guns they sa people have the right to defend themselves. i guess none of these 5 years old have Ak-47 to shoot the maniac.
ALLWRONG  +   993d ago
Despite what people think about the US there isn't a gun store on every corner. I feel if you are required to have a license to drive a car, you should require a license to own a firearm. Besides on the same day the shooting happened ,a guy stabbed 22 children in China. Maybe China should take care of it's "stupid knife laws"

GanjaMan! How can you feel "unsafe" in American cinema when you're not in America? Your comment is filled with so many inaccuracies. BTW hasn't your country had a problem with bombings?
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   993d ago
Let's not his stop on his game preference. His clothes provider, the companies of his favourite food, and may be even the car he rode in should be incarcerated....
caffman  +   993d ago
its not even the right person!
onandonandon  +   993d ago
Some people are just shallow and uneducated!!
ninjagoat  +   993d ago
Biggest blame lies in the ease off acess to guns in America imo. Here in Northern Ireland yeah we have Terrorist but they have been mostly quiet seen the peace process kicked off them years back.

People are living in somewhat reletive peace. But even at the height of that the normal people here never felt the need to get guns.

Thats a cowards way of settling things and an easy way to stoop yourself to the level of the evil f*8ks doing the terrorising in the first place. Be that either side of the devide here. Im not pracel any man that lifts a gun is a coward. In this place be that what ever religion.

Yet in the states they feel the need to protect there homes from the big bad wolf with AR-15s. In nice big displays that there kids can get into.

Nutcases like this can have a party when it comes to the likes of this. What was it he did first shoots his Dad then goes to the school shoots his Mum then kills 20 kids and 5 teachers.

I don't put no blame on games i put that directly on the availablity of the firearms. He opened up on them kids with a m14 and a colt by reports, 100s of bullets spent on kids that didn't get a chance to see a life threw.

We don't get school shootings here in Northern Ireland because the guns are in the hands of the badguys and the cops thats it.

End of the day push politics on guns to one side will 20 kids dead be enough to learn you all a lesson. Are does the likes of this have to repeat itself again and again.
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Oschino1907  +   993d ago
Comparing things in Ireland and generalizing everything about the USA just makes you look as lame as those who were jumping on the Mass Effect hate bandwagon. How can things from a country with 32,500 sqaure miles and a few million people in any way be relevant to what happens in a country with 3.8 million sqaure miles and 300+ million people.

Americans are often generalized and hated on despite the fact that we are one of the biggest and easily the most diverse of any country in the world. Funny how ignorant people can be towards the USA while calling out Americans for being ignorant, hypocrisy at it's finest.

Maybe everyone should stick to worrying about where you are from and not how things are here in America. Millions of people seek refuge in America for a better chance in life every year, how many do the same to live in Ireland?
Knight_Crawler  +   993d ago
Da faq is this CNN?
Human Analog  +   993d ago
And it begins....
BananaEatingSquid  +   993d ago
I'm originally from the US... now I live in Canada and I have to say I love how this country has a much smaller crime rate. I actually think that people shouldn't be able to have access to guns so easily.

About the tragedy, I hate hearing about this kind of thing... they were just children and how anyone could do something like this is beyond me. :( I don't think people should be placing the blame on Mass Effect though, but I agree with Myst.
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Griffmo  +   993d ago
Same crap would happen if he liked anything with a potential negative image. People just want justice to be handed out and you really can't anymore to someone who killed himself. Even with a completely clean slate in all media, these events could still happen. I am more curious why people feel so motivated to learn more about this a-hole. Let him rot in hell and don't offer anymore attention than he is already getting. Redirect your passion at finding a solution to protect yourself and your loved ones in the unfortunate circumstance it happens to you.
theuberreviews  +   993d ago
I guess i missed the mission where you shoot up a school.
Silly Americans always trying to find something to blame that isn't the person who actually did the horrible crime.
dkgshiz  +   993d ago
Blame everyone else but the shooter and the obviously daft now dead parent. No matter which way you see it...these tragic stories always turn to video games...even if that video game is a sci fi shooter and in no way has any relation to this shooting. "The shooter liked the Star Wars Films...this must be the main cause of the shooting!"-Dumb uneducated reporter. The media are truly the worst of the worst. Then they start to post the picture of the shooters brother and think he did! If I was that guy I would sue every news outlet that falsely reported he was the shooter. Fucking morons. In the end the kid was a whacko. Totally insane. No matter what he would have tried to hurt innocents at any cause. I don't know how anyone could take these news outlets seriously anymore after this big fuck up. Awful reporting, stupid blame game, typical news media.
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tigertron  +   993d ago
I think we should be blaming America's lax gun control laws rather than a random sci-fi video game.
Oschino1907  +   993d ago
Cause a gun is the only way to kill someone and it clearly has nothing at all to do with an undiagnosed mental disorder.

Please though go on and tell everyone how it was so peaceful and murder free in the world before the invention of the gun.

Let me guess it was also "America's lax gun control laws" that led to President Lincolns assination??? Or maybe it was a man driven to prove a point at any cost regardless of the sanity of said man. James Wilks Booth got plenty close to kill Abe in almost any fashion he wished and Lincoln himself already accepted the risk realizing that its not worth the worry because if a man wants to kill you he will find a way no matter what you do.
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tigertron  +   992d ago
Obviously, there is more than one way to kill, but lets be honest here...all of these massacres are carried out by psychos with GUNS. High powered assault weapons that should really be used by the army/special ops and not by members of the general public.

If you make it easy for a psycho to get hold of a gun, believe me, they'll take full advantage.

How many gun related deaths do you hear about in the UK? not many. Why? because of our laws. It hasn't elimated the problem completely, just recently a couple of police officers were shot dead, but that was rare. I heard that about 10,000 people die in the US each year due to guns, that's 10,000 too many.

The point is, guns make killing easier. It would be much harder for that guy to kill so many people at once with a knife for example; also, he wouldn't be able to kill as many people either, thus preventing further bloodshed.
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Angrymorgan  +   992d ago

No a gun isn't the only way to kill someone, but it's by far the quickest and easiest way.

Yea the guys mental state must have been unstable to kill innocent children.
So in a nutshell the easy availability of guns+mental instability = tragedy so Americas lax gun laws sure as he'll contributed to this.

Just my opinion, don't get all angry.
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Oschino1907  +   992d ago
Not diving into a full on debate here, if you don't live here in the USA or have extensive knowledge of the country its pointless. Comparing things from small sized countries on other continents IMO is a moot point, so little of the issues here in the USA are relevant to what happen elsewhere. But let's get some facts reagarding this specific case straight.

Guy had 2 pistols and a semi auto rifle with .223/5.56 rounds (small compared to an average high powered hunting rifle) that were all owned by his mother who didn't properly secure them within the home.

Even if it had been a state with stricter gun laws the 2 pistols are still there and sorry but in the USA any responsible person can and should be able to own pistols for personal proctection.

Honestly I know in most cases it is by far more common that other kinds of weapons are used besides guns. We don't have tons of gun crimes outside of big cities which themselves tend to have stricter gun laws as no one hunts in the city but millions still hunt animals every year across the US.

Did the OKC bomber need a gun? He killed a bunch of kids and practically destroyed a big multi story building using just fertilizer and some other easy to access chemicals.

In the news I more often here of stabbings and physical assault rarely is gun voilence ever mentioned outside of drug related crimes or criminals who refuse to be taken easily.

A majority of the time the person pulling the trigger didn't buy the gun they stole it and even more often its a pistol or basic hunting rifle/shotgun that people not living in big cities should have every right to own. Criminals and nut jobs rarely get guns in a legit way.

Don't forget up noth in Canada guns are just as prominent and same goes with down south in Mexico albeit at opposite sides of the spectrum in terms of overall civility and stability of each country.

Drugs are illegal for the most part but everywhere desipte billions of dollars trying to prevent them comming into the USA they are everywhere for those willing the cross the legal line, guns are no different and more often then not involved in drug related crimes.

Feel free to look into the USA's diverse gun laws from federal, state to state and city by city. Then come back and let me know how many allow you to own actual military grade weapons (almost everything is modified for safety reasons) and then how often those kinds of weapons are used for violent crime and lastly how the violent crime rates of the surrounding areas stack up in regard to those with with the highest violent crime rates involving guns.

Again, you can be captain hindsight from across the pond assuming everywhere in America is the same and that things happening where you are, are relevant to this topic. Or you can do some actual research on it and fully understand everything involved atleast to a degree. Only ones I tend to see going on about "America's lax gun control laws" aren't from America, never been to America or people that have little if any experiance involving guns.
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Angrymorgan  +   992d ago
Well, it's a very sad day not just felt in America but world wide,
I personally think guns shouldn't be available so easily but every country has their own laws and regulations so who am I to say?
3-4-5  +   993d ago
It's from Fox Douche though so don't worry. They simply just make stuff up now and scream the loudest about it.

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