Cruis'n: Videogamer Review - 'beyond a joke'

Videogamer writes: "Cruis'n is the worst Wii game I've had the misfortune to play and a huge disappointment for Wii owners desperate for more arcade racing action. It's unlikely that Crius'n could ever have been a truly great game, but with a lot more care and time it could have been an entertaining racer that brought back memories of an era now long gone. Even at a budget price of £19.99, you'd be wise to cruise a different shelf when browsing at your local game store.

Anyone new to video games will see Cruis'n and be quite horrified, but anyone who's been around the block will instantly be taken back to the ropey looking PlayStation and Nintendo 64 racers from the mid 90s. Graphics certainly aren't everything, but when a game is presented this badly it's hard to ignore. Textures are blurry, environment detail is poor, cars are blocky and the frame rate is never smooth. We know the Wii isn't a graphical powerhouse of a console, but this is beyond a joke."

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