Joystiq video interview: Epic Games' Mark Rein, Tim Sweeney and CliffyB

Joystiq got to stop by the Epic Games booth following Microsoft's press conference Wednesday, where Gears of War 2 was (surprise!) announced, to talk with VP Mark Rein, CEO/Technical Director Tim Sweeney, and CliffyB.

Watch as Joystiq gets "no comment" after "no comment" about other GoW 2 details (there will be more to see coming soon, promise Rein) and stay tuned towards the ends where Cliffy talks about his lancer and the Microsoft's flashy unveiling.

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Iamback3683d ago

Hmm there is one interesting part in interview with Rein.
Journalist:"Is GEOW exclusive to 360?"
Rein:"(think for a few seconds)this one is..."

"This one is" remember that guys.

You will see GEOW 3 on PS3, or some kind of spin off. (remember rumors)

ps360s3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

lol no GoW2 for ps3 but maybe somethnig else but not the Gears of War franchise :D and plus his proberly thinknig later down the road it coems to the PC so it wont be a 360 exclusive thats what I think

masterg3683d ago

Why would anyone disagree with this.
MS has exclusive rights to 2 Gears of War games, which means Gears 3 is up for grabs. To think it will not show up on PS3 is ridicules.

If it does I would be truly awesome to see the mods in action that would have been so freaking sweet in Gears 2.

Kleptic3683d ago

the rumors were a deal between Epic and SCE for an 'exclusive IP' with the possibility being set 'in the Gears of War universe'...but would not be called Gears of War, which is partially owned by MS...

It won't be Gears 2...and it won't be called Gears of War anything most likely...but it could have similar gameplay, and heavily share some story stuff...

but obviously that is all on the back burner currently...Epic most likely has some serious work to finish to get Gears 2 out this year...the additions to UE3 were absolutely awesome...hope some of those additions make it into mods for UT3...

George Washington3683d ago

LOL at the 2nd guy in the vid! see kids.. they need another jade raymond to replace him.

ps360s3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

because maybe they havnt done anything on GoW 2 yet but only the artworks and the new engine!!! MS just needed the momentum so it be a good idea to get everyone excited to bring in the announcement...thats how a smart corp does it

but can't wait to see what it looks like coming months :D

Meus Renaissance3683d ago

I thought Microsoft owned the IP?

masterg3683d ago

Epic owns it..
MS has bought exclusive rights to the first two games.

dork07833683d ago

MS owns gears of war just leave it alone.

masterg3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Okay if I have to repeat myself I will.

Epic owns Gears Of War!!! End of story.
MS has bought exclusive rights to the first two games.

There are a lot of souces but this one was the first on google:

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