Sniper Elite V2: Game of the Year Edition Listed By Amazon, Coming March 2013

In your ‘huh?’ news of the day, Amazon has posted a listing for the Sniper Elite V2: Game of the Year Edition. It currently has a release date of March 5th, 2013 and a price of just $29.99. - PSLS

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OneAboveAll1954d ago

How can you have a game of the year edition of a game that was never GOTY?

This is almost as bad as Limited Edition versions of games that are still on store shelves 3 months later because they aren't actually limited. -______-

Nightfallen1954d ago

I'm sure that'll be changed. Sounds like a mishap.

And yes, completely agree on those "limited" editions, I still see Darksiders 2 limited edition copies.

TrendyGamers1954d ago

Complete Edition is probably what they'll end up calling it.

knowyourstuff1954d ago

Well hey, Dead Island has a Game of the Year edition that included a few bucks of DLC. This game has one DLC mission where you kill Hitler that didn't cost that much, I can't imagine printing more copies of this game with that one inexpensive mission that you can probably just get along with the original copy of the game for less money.

The game that needs a complete edition is Mass Effect 3, what a big ripoff all its DLC is, for a few hours of entertainment that wasn't much different than the rest of the game, pay 10 to 15 bucks! Unbelievable.

dbjj120881954d ago

You just lie. PR people do it all the time.

Breadcrab1953d ago

Those limited edition copies are probably just versions of the game that the retailer got on day 1 but just didn't sell yet.

I don't think I've seen any limited edition game that didn't also get a 'regular release' counterpart eventually. Crysis 2, Bulletstorm, and Medal of Honor all got regular editions as well a few months down the line.

dbjj120881954d ago

Nice! Haven't played the game before. Maybe this GOTY edition will be a good point to jump in.

nutcrackr1954d ago

maybe it scored goty in "WW2 sniper gaming monthly" magazine

BLAKHOODe1954d ago

Just bought it used off GameFly the other week.. other than the demo, I haven't even played it yet, but I'm interested in that Hitler DLC. Waiting for a price drop.

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