Metal Gear Rising North American boxart revealed

Konami revealed the US boxart for Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

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MattyG1799d ago

Looks pretty good. Still got a bit of the chin down eyes up thing going, but I can live with that.

Enemy1799d ago

This box art slices me in all the right ways.

Hatsune-Miku1798d ago

I hate the box art because it doesnt say ps vita. The game seems good from the demo I played on the ps3 but the only way I'd buy this game is if its on the ps vita. Anyway, carry on people. Hopefully you all are satisfied with the game and box art

Nyxus1799d ago

Steel chin down, red glowing eye up.

Welshy1799d ago

Can't wait to see the EU box art, no offence to you US guys, but the whole grumpy protagonist looking seriously off into the horizon thing you guys normally get just doesn't do anything for me.

So this is a nice refreshing change! If even the US is getting kick-ass box art, then i can only imagine the EU one will be just as epic, if not more so =P

NovusTerminus1799d ago

I love this box art!

And I have to agree that I am getting sick of short brown haired guys with guns starring off into the yonder...

Y_51501798d ago

Agree, I'm in the US and I usually like EU covers better.

FrightfulActions1798d ago

EU box arts are almost always better, imo. That's what surprises me so much about this one. I actually love it. I'm impressed. If the US boxart is this good I wonder if the EU version will still be able to top it.

prototypeknuckles1799d ago

Now thats what i call box art its been awhile since ive seen boxart that made me say wow thats not generic at all, im actually really surprised, by how good this is, especially seeing as how we in the US get the crappy boxart.

AznGaara1799d ago

Now THAT cover will make people buy the game.

ChipChipperson1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Gotta admit, not too bad. Although, I wish they did do something similar like with some of the previous titles where they had that very elegant looking concept art by Yoji Shinkawa on the cover. There's some of the early concept art of Rising, and it looked amazing.

Nyxus1798d ago

There is one steelbook with Shinkawa art, that one looks very nice. There's also a LE which looks a bit similar.

TXIDarkAvenger1798d ago

Well I know what version I'm getting :D

BoNeSaW231798d ago

I like that one also but immediately got a Terminator vibe from it.

Neckbear1799d ago


LoLZoRz1798d ago

yeah, generic colors but the boxart really looks good and professionally done. and there's not really that much of orange.

also, the whole stance of the protagonist is good, not generic except chin down eyes up.

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The story is too old to be commented.