10 Video Game Franchises That Will Never End | We’ve all seen great franchises come and go. Sometimes the company goes under, sometimes the fans lose interest, and sometimes there’s nothing more to do and the story is over. But there’s a couple of games, for better or for worse, that have stuck around for a very long time. And I don’t think new titles are going to stop coming from these series anytime soon.

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majiebeast2015d ago

Final fantasy will die in the west if Square enix continues to butcher it do not underestimate square enix's ability to destroy everything they touch. The franchise went from yes a new final fantasy game, to meh really another final fantasy game.

Godmars2902015d ago

FF ended when they began to actively connect the individual entries in the series. Making side-stories to things that were suppose to be "final".

TheColbertinator2015d ago

I'm glad Castlevania will never die.

MikeMyers2015d ago

Gran Turismo

Those will never die because they have become staples of gaming that still produce large numbers. I think games like Resident Evil, Call of Duty and Final Fantasy will either take a long hiatus or simply fade away.