Rumor: Muramasa Vita Outed For US Release

Has the Playstation Blog accidentally outed the localization of the PS Vita version of Muramasa: The Demon Blade?

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Snookies121952d ago

Sweet if so! I wanted that game on the Wii, but if it's coming to the Vita, I'm totally down for that instead. I think that game will just be beautiful on the Vita's screen.

bicfitness1952d ago

They just took down th PS Blog post, I bet it comes back without Muramasa. I love a good leak!

guitarded771952d ago

Seems pretty legit since it was released in NA and Europe for Wii. Wouldn't be shocked if it came to Vita in NA and Europe. And damn straight Snookies, it would look great on the Vita's screen.

Zodiac1952d ago

This was easily one of my favorite Wii games, and i will probably enjoy this version more simply because it is portable. I can't help, but enjoy 2D games on the go more than i do on a home console.

Myst1952d ago

Agreed. I love the game I feel like going back to play some more as it was stunningly beautiful. If it does come to the vita eventually I will pick it up as fast as possible.

CalvinKlein1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Ive been waiting for a ps3/360 version for years now so Ill buy it. Im sure it will come to vita in the west considering the vita needs all the good games it can get now.

sypher1952d ago

Hopefully its true. What they showed at Tokyo Game Show looked good.

shammgod1952d ago


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