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Hey! Listen - "Healing Ground" (Prince of Persia)

"Anybody remember the cel-shaded Prince of Persia reboot back in 2008? I sure do, and I love nothing more than pestering people about how much I love it. It’s usually better when I make convincing arguments while doing so however, so here’s one great reason why I adore the game; its soundtrack.

This track for the game, titled “Healing Ground” and composed by Inon Zur, often plays when you’re exploring a level that has been healed by your companion, Elika, and has been restored to its former beauty. It’s an absolutely majestic piece that, when presented alongside the act of ridding an area of corruption, creates a sense of accomplishment few games can match." (Michael Urban, OnlySP.com) (PC, Prince of Perisa, PS3, Xbox 360)

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princejb134  +   492d ago
i bought this game day 1 and it was garbage
even though the world and graphics were nice to look at, there was hardly any enemies
and the platforming pretty much played itself compared to the prince of persias in the ps2
kane_1371  +   492d ago
This game was so much more than that crappy Sands of Time series, and even ubisoft knew it too, that's why they brought over a whole bunch of shit from it to forgotten sands.

The soundtracks and Story, both were finally something from the roots of Persia, spoiler alert!!!!
after all the game is named Prince Of Persia, so it was well damn about the time.

The game was filled with puzzels that challanged the player for real and the system was rewarding regarding to battles, your abilities would mature and allow you to fight better.
Bosses were well mixed with the story and made sense.

this game had everything for it to be one of the greatest games of the generation, but hey, what can one expect from the COD generation.
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princejb134  +   492d ago
i completely disagree
this game was less challenging than the sands of time series
warriors within was beast difficult but it also had the greatest battle system of all the prince of persias

this gen prince of persia was not only easy but got boring and repetitive with the limited amount of battles there was
pandehz  +   492d ago
I liked the game. I wasnt looking for anything when I bought the game. Was just awed by the art and bought it. After playing it I felt it was a beautiful experience.

@Author yep the soundtrack is definitely soul stirring
Bimkoblerutso  +   492d ago
Presentation was definitely the game's strong suit. The soundtrack is criminally underrated.
TheDivine  +   492d ago
It was good and bad to me. Great platforming as always, beautiful graphics and art style, good music, and i liked healing the land. On the other hand i hated the combat. Not the combat really but how it was in a ring instead of enemies spread out or placed in certain areas they would just pop up and you couldnt avoid them or leave until you beat them. Thats one thing i hate its combat arenas. If there were normal enemies and some cooler bosses it wouldve been perfect.
Spacemagic  +   491d ago
Game kicked so much ass. I remember thinking that Elika saving you instead of dying was a great mechanic when eeryone trashed it so hard. Mostly because: in any other game, fall off a cliff, game over, continue, start right at the same cliff. In this: fall off a cliff, hand, back at the cliff. It was the same fucking thing people, except ubisoft made it cohesive to elikas powers instead of sending you to a game over screen. It was faster too, i loved it.

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