The Wonderful Archeology Of 'Dark Souls' Lore

Forbes - Dark Souls doesn’t tell a story; it asks you to dig its story from the ruins and learn it on your own.

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greatcrusader441322d ago

I love dark souls story a lot, but in truth, if it wasn't for the Souls community piecing it together, I would have thought the games story was non existent

sdozzo1322d ago

Yeah. But, in a way it only adds to the lore.

landog1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

love the whole mood and setting of the Souls series, that in and of itself is the story, this creepy, ruined, dark world, with ghostly inhabitants and dreadful places

souls trapped in limbo

honestly, this and baldurs gate 2 shadow of amn are the best games ever made imo!

belac091322d ago

greatest story never told.